Fun and affordable mechanical watch HMT Kohinoor

I don't wear it that often but when I do it brings a smile to my face. HMT is now a defunct watch brand but you can still find NOS examples like this...
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My HMT Jhalak

HMT ( Hindustan Machining Tools) is an Indian watch company started by the government after establishing freedom from the British. The watch ticked on...
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HMT Kohinoor Yellow

Proud to wear this indian watch 馃挍
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HMT Kohinoor

One more added in collection 鉁筹笍馃挋
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How much would you pay for this piece?

This one is perfect. It鈥檚 extremely slim, hand wound, can be dressed up or down. And it鈥檚 vintage.
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拢15 Challenge!

So, for a bit of fun, my wife and I challenged each other to a "watch off". The criteria was set: 拢15 budget Mechanical watch Must be crap enough to a...
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A short story of sharing watch hobbie with my girlfriend.

We were on the streets on Mumbai in a famous flee market just browsing and exploring.We came across few antique shops in the market and i naturally st...
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Morning (or afternoon depending on your time zone) all. I have been looking at retro designs of late and saw HMT and Camy watches from India on Ebay....
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HMT Janata - Hindustan Machine Tools

QQ - Does the rest of the world know about HMT Watches? In the world of Orient's, Vostok's and other affordable mechanical watches, HMT probably sits...
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HMT Kaushal D233-7341

One of the most prized pieces in my collection: the HMT Kaushal. I received it in 2010. Huge respect for HMT, and I have two others. from the company....
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