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My first “luxury” timepiece

After months of research and visiting just about every watch shop in my vicinity, I finally settled on my first “proper” timepiece - the Baume & M...

Best Buys

Over the last couple of years the 4 watches I would consider to be my best value purchases are pictured below. For clarification, these are watches th...

Making room…

I am making room in my watch boxes (watch in watch out). These 3 are the candidates for next watch out. I have reached out to Grey market dealers and...

Baume Mercier Thoughts?

Next watch purchase isn't going to be for another year or so. So I like to prepare, anyone have any Baume Mercier in their collection? I'm between thi...

Why Aren't Watches Thinner?

I was wondering what is the challenge with making automatic watches thinner. I have a Baume & Mercier Riviera that I purchased in the 90's that is...

Baume and Mercier Retail

Does anyone know the retail price of this watch (Baume and Mercier capeland) The reference number is 65353

Which one would you get? Grand Seiko or Baume & Mercier

I am looking at the Baume & Mercier Riviera with the Baumatic movement alongside the Grand Seiko SBGR315. The actual purchase prices of each watch are not that different. However there is certainl...
212 votes ·

Which one?

For the last two weeks I’ve been wondering what will be the next piece in my collection… I have my eyes on a Baume and Mercier Capeland Small Seconds...

Feeling Fancy

Wearing my Grandma’s watch today to celebrate my birthday. She specifically left it to me because she knew I was a watch lover. I save it for special...

Do you guys know if this is a Ladys or Gents watch ?

Need info please