For me it’s Universal Genève…

I posed this question a year ago when there were fewer people to ask… So what is your favourite brand? Is there one you collect over all others?

Downsides of buying a vintage quartz?

I’ve been really into solid gold watches of the 70s and 80s recently. Thin, small, mesh bracelets, all solid gold. Prices seem pretty reasonable on th...

Universal Geneve tri compax

I've written on here that I don't have a grail watch. But, looking through my Pinterest collection of watch photos, there is a certain style of watch...

Cup of a carpenter?

Hello everyone, wanted to have a cool discussion about Indiana Jones. I'm a huge fan. This is my UG monodate and I remember when I first saw it, I ins...

Universal Geneve Poletouter

My collection. Vintage watches can be a daunting prospect. Watches that have had a life, need to be treated differently to modern watches… but..they w...

3 watch collection

Let's see your three watch collections!

UG Polerouter - not only a robust dress watch

The Polerouter from Universal Geneve is a well known dress watch. We have heard the story. Designed by a young Gerald Genta for Scandinavian Airline...

Universal Geneve ref. 842114

#NewWatchAlert Adding a new gem to my collection: the Universal Geneve ref. 842114, featuring a manual wound movement from the 1980s. Feeling incredib...

Watchmaker San Francisco Bay Area

I have a vintage Universal Geneve that I want to service. Is there a trusted watchmaker that you can recommend in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Engravings…yay or nay?

For me…these provoke wonder. In who..and why and when. Thus giving this thing, this item a soul as it were… call it what you will. Vintage watches, ca...