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Happy Hump day!

Mint strap adds a little color to the classic 3940 - good day watchfam!

Mundane Monday.. Create a Poll V4 Patek

This is purely for fun please don't think too much about it go with your gut. Each week (ish) il ask what your favorite watch from a brand is... This week a big one Patek Philippe!!! Just to simplify...

The Beatles and Their Watches - Part XII - John Lennon's STOLEN Patek FOUND! (update)

Wow! John Lennon's Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph No. 2499 has turned up in Geneva and a recent court decision concludes that Yoko Ono,...

I Had No Idea...

...that this watch that saw and liked so much was actually an homage to a vintage Patek Philippe, Ref. 130, which was originally produced in 1943: In...

Mido Multifort TV Big Date.. a genuine inspiration from the archives or too much of a Patek omage? 馃

I鈥檓 really loving this recent Mido release. Especially the orange rubber band/gray dial combination. But one question keeps bothering me in my head. I...

Luxury Watch Market Update

Last year, luxury watches like Rolex and Patek were a TOP performing investment! For some, the best. Today, that鈥檚 far from the truth.Popular luxury w...

Watch Superlatives

Curious to see what everyone's watch superlatives are. Fill in the blanks below with a brand: Best heritage: Best movements (technical): Best movement...

Watches as Investment?

In my previous post, I started a research about Rolexes as an investment tool. As you may have seen, the news about Rolex prices was not very encourag...

How to Invest in Watches

When to approach a Watch Geek?

I was at a work function last night, and saw two people with interesting watches. The first was a wearing a Rose Gold Nautilus. He was dressed in all...

Girls Guess Watches

Watch my girlfriend absolutely smash the first episode of Girls Guess Watches.

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