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BCVC222 ·

What do you think of the Frédérique Constant smartwatch?

This watch intrigued me. A nice looking watch that is also a limited smartwatch. What do you think, is it worth pursuing?
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Jewbaka ·

Are perpetual calendars dress watches, or complicated tool watches?

My brain hurts trying to think about this question, but I figured I would have you all commiserate with me. I see these pieces as serving a specific purpose without actually being super useful to anyo...
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Markell ·

Slim dress watch challenge

After buying a bunch of new shirts I found the cuffs were very tight. I hate having a watch beyond the cuff so it limits what I wear to work. Before a...
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Edge168n ·

Watches in the Wild (On the Road Again, Volume 12)

Disclaimer: Another Grand Seiko SBGA 429 Soko week for me because of a heavy travel schedule. I tend to not fly with multiple watches (why add another...
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AndreSVP ·

Another Seiko QC problem

Hey guys how are u all doing? Today, as always, I was appreciating the beauty of my watch but then suddenly I noticed a little black dot in the back....
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Finnarm ·

The Watches We Are Grateful For

For American readers today is Thanksgiving, a day to spend with family and meditate on the important things in life. It is also a day when most of us...
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AdamSG ·

Frederique constant love?

Heres a question, why does FC not get more love in the watch world? They seem really innovative and have some beautiful (and some admittedly dated) de...
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Konsalik ·

Battle of the entry level luxury rectangular dress watches

Frederique Constant are about to release their updated take on the tank-ish (gondolo-ish?) dress watch. Since FC kind of (albeit not in every regard) competes with Oris in terms of market segment, thi...
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Rossgallin ·

Smart Watch

Bausele Vintage 2.0 for me today. The Australian brand uses that Frédérique Constant Smart Watch movement here but does classic dress style. Anyone el...
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Escapement_4Hz ·

Frederique Constant Highlife Chronograph Automatic

The Frederique Constant Highlife Chronograph Automatic is offered in three variants, each equipped with the FC-391 automatic movement. Featuring a col...

Frederique Constant Highlife Chronograph Automatic - Escapement Magazine | Watch news, watch reviews, watch blog
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