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spacemanspiff ·

Currently my favourites

Hi everyone! I'm new in this hobby (lifestyle?), but I was lucky that in the begining I get two truly beautiful and quality vintage watches. So I'd li...
7 167
Porthole ·

The Perils of Vintage #81 - or… because sometimes the Universe just hates you

Do you ever feel like you’re done? Mic-drop, up-middle-fingers, walk off stage done? Scorched Earth? You do everything right - you source a decent sel...
19 298
jagwar.jim ·

Watch brands Lost to History, and Nostalgia

Hello there watch gang, A few years back, I was looking for a watch (Daniel Wellington, don’t hate me I was still learning🏃), and when I showed my Dad...
18 262
vaqarm ·

Is Roamer worth buying?

Hi there! My (fairly) recent fascination with watches started less than a year ago when i saw the Breguet Tradition on instagram. Since then, I’ve bou...
3 30
DOnDO1993 ·

Affordable dresswatch

Hi Guys, I'm searching for a dress watch for around 200-300 euros. It doesn't necessarily have to have an automatic movement. There is a couple of wat...
18 205
nightingale ·

Roamer Searock - Looking for information

Hi all, I'm looking for information on this Roamer Searock and it's movement. I think it may be a MST471 movement, though I'm not sure given the dial...
5 349
savvas74 ·

Roamer Anfibio: Ebay can still have some gems...

A friend recently introduced me to vintage/used watches, a field I was reluctant to enter due to being naturally suspicious. But I found this beauty a...
9 390
Timmr6 ·

1970’s Roamer Anfibio-Matic arrived today

The little Roamer Anfibio-matic turned up this morning and must say it was still the correct time even after traveling to the Isle of Wight 😳 This is...
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thewatchout ·

Kicking back with the lumed out Explorer and a beverage in hand.

3 170
thewatchout ·

How do we feel about dive watches on a leather strap?

6 447
josephrana ·

Would this have turned Steve McQueen green with envy?! One of my favourite watches ever, and I'm grateful to actually own one!

1 415
josephrana ·

The one that started it all.

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