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Uncle Seiko Tudor Half link

Thought id try the uncle seiko half link 1) for a better fit 2) to stop rubbing on the gold link.
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Einstein’s Definition of Insanity

Einstein’s Definition of Insanity. TL;DR. You got the gold, so you make the rules. Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different r...
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Tudor BB58 bezel insert misalignment - sharing experience

In September 2022, I bought a BB58 as my first luxury watch from a Tudor AD in Westfield, London UK. Everything about the watch is perfect, but the re...
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Lucerne Digital Jump Hour review

I don't have an A Lange und Söhne Zeitwerk. I have a 1970s Lucerne Digital Jump Hour. They look fairly similar. If the Lucerne was circular, had a whi...
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Review: Yema Marine Nationale - micro brand but strap monster?

Last year I acquired a number of micro-brand watches and now have enough of them to start putting up some reviews. I’ll start with my Yema Navygraf Ma...
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Tudor Black Bay 41mm Snowflake Review

The Tudor Black Bay. I'd honestly say this is my go-to daily watch. I have the original Black Bay in black with the classic red triangle and the rose...
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Rolex Submariner

my cousin says its boring, what do you think about the sub?
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Vintage Tudor

Here are a few shots from the Tudor boutique watch event this past weekend in LA. They showcased vintage pieces from both private collectors and the T...
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Omega Extract from the Archives - Yes or No?

The answer to that question appears a wimpy yes....keep reading. An annoying thing was for customers in the USA you have to order through email. They...
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If the Bulova lunar pilot was on the moon

Why does the back of my speedy say this 🤔
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Omeiga SeaMonster Concept

Omeiga SeaMonster Answer to the super specific question that nobody is asking: What if an Omega Seamaster and a Seiko Monster had a baby? You’d get a...
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The paradox of a beautiful movement behind a solid case back

Is it a waste to put a great looking movement behind a solid case back? This Omega 861 ticks away in my Speedmaster Mark II. I’ve only looked at in pe...
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Best watches to mod?

What are some of the best watches to use as a base to mod? (change bezel, dial, hands, crystal, maybe upgrade the movement) Would love to see what wat...
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Why the Chinese Balloon was really flying over the US

Breaking news
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Is Jomashop trust worthy

As the title sugests im just wondering if jomashop is a good place to buy a watch.
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Seiko MechaQuartz Chronograph

Such a great looking watch but doesn’t get much wrist time. This Seiko 7T62 00L0 has a Mecca quartz movement in it and a very detailed dial.
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Grand Seiko 5646-7010

This is a vintage Grand Seiko 5646-7010 from the 70s. Despite the Hi-Beat label, it is in fact a four hertz movement. Back in the day, 28,800 bph was...
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Do you even grow your own crystals bro?

Apparently Grand Seiko's are pretty good watches. They have a couple of factories in Japan, exclusively birthing them. If you take their website at fa...
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Amazing service!

Totally random, but I recently had an incredible service experience - only tangentially related to watches, but very nice nonetheless. A thing broke o...
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For sale. Reach out to T.Mosso at my inbox for purchase and pricing details.

Still love it but hate to see it going unworn.
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Hamilton gold for the win

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Hamilton 992B

After extensive searching. I bought this Hamilton 992b from a Canadian seller via eBay. It was stated as serviced a year ago. Although there was no wa...
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