Perfect Breguet Watch? Bucherer Blue Edition

I have the Breguet Marine 5817. I really like the way it looks, but it was discontinued a while ago. As for its newer replacement, it's the Breguet 55...
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Have we lost all perspective

With my recent visit to London's Bond street, I had the pleasure of treading the floors of arguably some of the finest watch brands we are fortunate t...
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What should our next buy be?

Looking into something special and are not sure which way to go. We want to celebrate the launch of our new brand with a very unique piece for our CEO. Are we missing other options? 馃
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NWA - Breguet Classique Ref. 5277

I pulled the trigger. Once I saw it in person, there were no questions left. I鈥榣l post a bit more about it in the coming days ;)
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Why don't we talk more about ...... Arnold & Son?

In 1755 John Arnold left England for the Netherlands at the age of 19 after completing his apprenticeship to hone his watchmaking skills. He returned...
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Why don't we talk more about ...... Perrelet?

Abraham-Louis Perrelet (9 January 1729 鈥 1826) was a Swiss horologist . He was born in Neuch芒tel , then in the Principality of Neuch芒tel. At age 20 he...
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Thoughts and experiences needed! Breguet watches

Hey everyone I fell in love once again and there is almost no info about this gorgeous 38mm rose gold Breguet 5277BR online so I thought I鈥榙 ask you g...
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Any Breguet fans out there?

The Tradition ref 7037. Automatic with retrograde seconds. 38mm of golden hand finished bliss.
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Choose your gold!

I am starting to fall in love with vintage dress pieces, especially gold ones. Which one would you prefer and why?
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hey all....greetings from England

Long time collector, but new to the channel. I started collecting many years ago, mostly dress/lux stuff, but increasingly eclectic over the years! Lo...
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