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Candide3693 ·

Power Reserve Complication? Yay or nay? Love it? Hate it?

Wearing my Orient Star today and it got me thinking about the power reserve complication, and how polarizing it can be. It seems to me that people eit...
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Show me your favorite Casio Watch

This is mine, what do you think about it?
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Scooter ·

Wearing the colours with pride….

…..for the last home game of the season with my faithful Duro. UTV
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Candide3693 ·

Watches In Your Collection That Look More Expensive Than They Actually Are

Here is my Orient Sun and Moon Version 1. This watch always gets noticed when I wear it, and people seem to think it is much more expensive than it ac...
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Candide3693 ·

What Is Your Favorite Watch Strap Company?

For me, it is definitely Barton Watch Bands. I am currently wearing my Orient Defender on a canvas strap from Barton. I have looked at straps from a l...
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Relvee ·

So the new Casioak Bluetooth arrived

But the Casio app doesn’t seem to have been updated to work with this model. Or am I doing something wrong? Grateful for any help from the WatchCrunch...
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Jane_tots ·

My casio!♥

Unique face design!🥰
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ice_man ·

G-Shock GMWB5000TVA

Was bored at work today and decided to take a closer look and scrutinize the G-Shock TVA... under a microscope 😂 Looks clean to me. Cleaner than my Su...
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watstoki ·

It was 1991..

I still remember the playground buzz as my friend Dean showed off his F91W. Back then Hasbro Wrestling Figures and Casio Watches were the currency of...
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Candide3693 ·

Worst Watch in a Movie?

We have all seen posts, blogs, and forums discussing the best watches in movies, but I was watching Project Powers on Netflix and saw this monstrosity...
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