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davidsoine ·

Welcome everybody !

Looks like a nice place for disscussions. Happy to connect with you
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Bzilla ·

Switched over to the Casio diver

Both watches have their flaws, but I like this one better than the Casio Chronograph I was wearing earlier.
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kernit ·

Watches in Wonderland; Do you sleep with it on or off?

Some watches sleep better on our wrists than others. For sure, all my Rolexes get the scream from the family at night as it scratches them. I just wanna tell the time especially with a new born. Apple...
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dt1202 ·

Greeting the weekend with the trusty DW6900.

For my first ever post in WatchCrunch, I thought it would be appropriate to write about my first (and only) G-Shock, a watch that also began my journe...
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hughtoo ·

Here's why I hate mineral crystal.

I've given the same abuse to a couple of watches with sapphire crystal. They look fine. The duro (106 or 107) is great. But needs sapphire. And it is...
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willspade ·

My basic mod of the G-Shock GLX-5600

Sharing one of my basic mods, the G-Shock GLX-5600. Before pics: almost "unwearable" GLX-5600 in an ocean blue strap and bezel. I rescued it from a se...
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amrhussien82 ·

My new Casio

Durable and strong.
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s3cubed ·

GW-8230B-9AER Review. Approx 3 months ownership

Had this since it was released late last year, it is of course the 30th Anniversary Frog. If you are worried about Frogman being too big then this par...
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CitizenKale ·

Am I the only one with a G Shock that smells like soup?

This is my only g shock so I'm not sure how normal this is. But I know this gbd200 has a softer strap and bezel than most other models. It smelled lik...
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ToolWatchTom ·

Timex G-Shock Killer??

Sorry about the sensational title, I've just seen that Timex are bringing out their own durable resin watch the 'Command' which looks something like i...
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