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Ros5Mc ·

SOTC - My watches and why I have them

Nice to find a place with fellow watch nerds interested in this type of thing. Here is my SOTC and more importantly - to me at least - the story: 1. T...
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tooltickstory ·

Good old days and female watch models :)

Going to the office this week I was reminiscing about the good old days. I was a young professional and could not afford a more serious watch than a C...
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divefroggy ·

So.. I got my boy G-Shocks

Here's how the story goes. One day, he (16) told me he wanted to get a G-Shock after I showed him my GA-2100 Casioak. He liked it very much and wanted...
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mongutie ·

G-SHOCK GW-M5610 ✊⌚

My daily work watch 🤜🤛
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MMerc5 ·

CWoW Budget edition

Happy Wednesday all! The last Cool Wall post was a million-dollar monstrosity. Today I hit you with a $12 icon. What more can be said that hasn't been said already? It's a plastic toy; it's the perfec...
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Gusbarcelo ·

Watches sunbathing 🌞

Watches sunbathing for a full charge. All of them are solar powered. The vintage one (Casio AL-190W) is batteryless, it uses one capacitor instead a b...
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DigitalDivider ·

New Casio DW291!

I don't know how this model flew under my radar for so long! I have been looking at the DW290 "Ethan Hunt" for a few years now, but I just never could...
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MMerc5 ·

CWoW F91-W

WOW! I thought this was going to be either Sub zero or Seriously Un Cool, but you wackos continue to surprise me. You have voted the Casio F91-W as a...
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Trophyhusband ·

Old g shock is dead

Wore the name off this working back in the day. It does not work.
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Outlaw_203 ·

My companion for state active duty

Finally getting some downtime during this hurricane mission; going on 8 days now, no end in sight.
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