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Looking for an affordable red dial watch under US $300

I’ve been looking around at various watches with reddials and have been unsure which to settle on. I’m curious about other options I may have missed....

Wanted to share this “war trophy” Vostok I found on eBay a few months ago

Out of all the “Ukraine war trophy” Vostoks i’ve seen on the ‘Bay, this one has to take the cake. Not only has the NATO strap been recently painted, b...

Is the Powermatic 80 worth it enough to try out?

I don’t have any mechanical watches with long power reserves, so I’m curious to try it out. But, since it’s automatic, i feel like i might not notice that long PR. I wear my Vostoks with their okay PR...

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CdeFmrlyCasual commented on JonInAtl's WRUW ·

Crap now I’m wanting that blue 24-hour one. Nice Colordirskije, as I like to call these more colorful Vostoks (+ the Neptune GMTs that came out last year)

CdeFmrlyCasual commented on My daily set of watches ·

The boy he still really likes the A-15. It could be improved, but I still like it

CdeFmrlyCasual commented on Magstime's WRUW ·

Love the colorway

CdeFmrlyCasual commented on Michael_adventure99's WRUW ·


CdeFmrlyCasual commented on Chairman_Bored's WRUW ·

Love the look of this one. I hope the onion crown isn’t digging into your wrist

CdeFmrlyCasual commented on JJMM1983's WRUW ·

It’s comfortable, but I feel that my jubilee is more comfortable. Regardless fo that, you can feel a difference between a a bracelet with finer links and an Oyster-y one

CdeFmrlyCasual commented on AshEr8's WRUW ·

Probably the most comfortable watch I’ve ever worn.

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The most hilarious description of Vostok I have ever read

I was looking for good stuff to post on the Vostok tag here from my Reddit profile and I found this gem again 😂

My beater Vostok on all three Rolex bracelets [350624]

I like them all, but i think the Jubilee is my favorite. Most stylish and the most comfortable imo. For those wondering, the movement is Vostok’s mech...

Vitali is done playing the AD’s bullshit games

Who’s fucked now

What factors do you consider when shopping for a watch to gift someo

I thought this would be a good to see what people think when they want to buy somone a watch. Some have different philosophies and approaches. And I’m...