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erikswrist ·

Elusive Khaki Mechanical

Is it just me or is this particular reference just... kinda... missing from watch posts all over the internet? I never see the olive mechanical. I mea...
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Toolwatches ·

Watch Crunch introduction post and SOTC

Hello everyone I wanted to take the time to introduce myself as I've just joined Watch Crunch. I'm a 28 year old guy who's been seriously interested i...
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OmegaSimp ·

Which one?

I'm looking for a robust and durable everyday watch for around £500 pounds - and preferably swiss - and I have it down to 3 candidates: "The cliche ch...
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bruceybruce ·

Need to give this more wrist time.

It's quite fancy but I work from home in lazy/sleep attire. lol I typically like to match with occasion. You guys? 80hr power reserve btw.
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MWC2020 ·

The King of the Khakis!!!

What a great do it all and go anywhere watch!
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shazerbot ·

"Full Day" Recommendations?

For a long time I've been really keen on a watch with the full word of the day at the 12. I really like the Hamilton Jazzmaster pictured, but I was ho...
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SiHawk ·

Hamilton Wilshire

1941 Hamilton Wilshire in Coral Gold with 18K applied gold numeral dial, a 14K coral (rose) gold case with flexible lugs and blued steel hands on a br...
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feel_the_hit ·

Watches under EUR1,000

Can somebody please recommend some good automatic watches under EUR1k? Something that doesn't lose its value completely in a few years.
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WatchYourIntruder ·

My GMT slot is empty - Do you have any suggestions?

Could you help out and suggest a GMT? I like the idea of multiple time zones displayed on the watch. I can’t say I need one, but it’s sort of cool. I...
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Max ·

Why some mid-tier brands move upmarket (and others don't)?

I've been pondering this one. I know prices are up across the board but the likes of Oris are really gunning upmarket compared to the likes of Tissot,...
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