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Alright... I've been wanting to do a state of the collection post for a long time, and after picking up my most recent purchase in Geneva on my honeym...
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HooliganIX ·

Panda and Evil (Reverse) Panda Dials

While I do appreciate monotone chronograph dials, Pandas (more specifically Evil Pandas) have always caught my eyes, and so once I found a watch that...
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HooliganIX ·

What do you all think?

So I had to get my watch looked at since it was losing about 15 seconds a day. My watch guy was super nice and took care of it without charge and that...
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Watchbin1 ·

Hamilton Intramstic 38 on Gekota bracelet

n ETA 2892-A2 movement in a watch costing £600. Elegance and class in such an affordable package! Can’t understand why I don’t see more of them?
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HooliganIX ·

Just my favorite and my randomly decorated desk!

While this is not my first favorite it has become my daily driver and favorite since it’s everything I wanted in a watch! A hand wound mechanical chro...
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roberto ·

From Space Watches to Space Film Watches to Space Videogame Watches

We had the Moonwatch and various other watches that have had claims to space ( not just through NASA , sometimes snuck there , and sometimes sent alon...
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Danthewatchman ·

Todays AD visit (Sept 22/22)

Was bored at home so I went to my local AD today to try on some watches. The place is called Moments watches and jewelry 30 mins drive from Toronto, O...
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CombatWombat ·

How consistent are Watch movements?

This is something I have noticed recently paying more attention to watches again, my Seiko needs to be adjusted like every few days at this rate and s...
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honedwatches ·

Receiving messages

Still waiting to get a message from the 5th dimension with my Hamilton Khaki Field Murph Automatic. You gotta watch Interstellar movie to know what st...
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TimeJunkie ·

COVID Quarantine Duo

I always feel better with a watch on. I have worn one of these two watches everyday since testing positive for COVID. There has been more than one day...
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