Trophyhusband ·

What watch for black tuxedo event?

Not wearing a black bow tie. I have a bow tie collection. From L-R Hamilton, Timex , Omega, Rado, Oris, Hamilton
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TimeCop ·

For sale. Reach out to T.Mosso at my inbox for purchase and pricing details.

Still love it but hate to see it going unworn.
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Hamilton 992B

After extensive searching. I bought this Hamilton 992b from a Canadian seller via eBay. It was stated as serviced a year ago. Although there was no wa...
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brunofrankelli ·

Unisex vintage too small?

So, I saw this thing online and immediately fell in love with it. I've always wanted a Hamilton and a watch from the 1940s--why not combine both of th...
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Trophyhusband ·

Hamilton gold for the win

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Rome1234 ·

Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton

The skeleton bug officially bit me! Added another piece to the collection…. Now I’m wanting for more skeleton pieces…
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erikswrist ·

Dress/Field Watches On Milanese Bracelets

I NEVER thought I'd post about this, think about this, or even try this pairing out, but I'm tired, and I get very "thinky" when I'm tired. We have co...
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WatchBee ·

Sweeping second hand

As a newbie, I hadn't previously appreciated the substantial differences between automatic movements which affect the "sweep" of the second hand. My p...
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Vagabond09 ·

Hamilton before the increase

So how do you feel about the hamilton price increase upcoming, Is anyone planing on pulling the trigger?
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Bridger ·

Swatch Group: From Proprietary Movements, Moon Swatch to Price Increase??

Honestly, my drive & loyalty as a watch enthusiast doesn't sit with the Major manufacturers but in the the watch itself, that being mainstream or...
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