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Luca_WTC ·

Are 36 millimeter too small for a watch?

I am interest to understand better the watch size trends, comment down below your favourite watch size and leave a wrist-shot if you like it.
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WatchYourIntruder ·

Watches from each decade - Share your watches Part 6: The 60s

I’m interested in history. Specially the trembling decade of the 60s. This is the decade I grow up in. Despite my youth at the time I have a lot of up...
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tooltickstory ·

Good old days and female watch models :)

Going to the office this week I was reminiscing about the good old days. I was a young professional and could not afford a more serious watch than a C...
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robwei ·

N (to me) WA: White dial everyday

A while ago I was asking for suggestions for a midsized white dial everyday watch. I got lots of great suggestions and spent hours researching these....
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haziqimran ·

My first Seiko 😍

Bought ths vintage Seiko 5 for $40. It came with a gold bracelet so i replaced it with a navy blue croc leather/rubber read(Hybrid) strap with a match...
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AJ7777 ·

Seiko 6139 6012

my first vintage Seiko sarted with this blue Bruce Lee sporting the Resist dial, from 1971 on a aftermarket railroad bracelet. the old 6139/6138 chron...
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Hi, I got these from an auction, does anyone know these watches?

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SurferJohn ·

SOTC - Seiko Box 1

Top left to right in chronological order: 1965 GS 43999 (2nd GS), 1968 6217-8001 (62MAS), 1971 4006-6020 (Bellmatic), 1971 6105-8119 (Willard), 1972 5...
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BigIona ·

Vintage collectors advice/help

To date, I have not ventured into the world of vintage watches. I didn’t really have any interest and it is a world I know basically nothing about. Re...
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Hello watch fam! 💪🏼

I don’t wear this much as I should! The legendary faded Rolex Pepsi; a beast of a watch.
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