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Luca_WTC ·

Which one do you prefer?

Hi to everyone I would like to ask you which watch do you like the most between these two (see pic) and if you want comment also your favourite vintag...
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Grcohen ·

How I got into watch collecting - first post

I got into watch collecting 3 1/2 years ago after my dad passed. I inherited his Universal Geneve Unisonic driven by a tuning fork. The watch was in t...
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watstoki ·

Views On Vintage Engravings?

Perhaps Paul Newman’s engraved Daytona‘s and JFK’s Tank are some of the most famous scratchings on a case. However, I’ve been looking at a lot of affo...
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xsakos ·

New acquisition

Just unboxed a Столичные (Stolichnie) vintage russian watch. It seems very old, a bit dingy, but the dial is in quite good condition. And it works fin...
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Abdulxziz ·

1991 Tag Heuer Professional 2000

This is a tag heuer divers watch that I always wanted to own and I can finally say that I own one now. This is the WE1110-R reference
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UnholiestJedi ·

Restorations? What's too far?

I'm watching a restoration YT video of a destroyed vintage watch and the watchmaker is replacing parts left & right and polishing to like new cond...
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ChronoGuy ·

How Many Watches Are Too Many? What's Your Limit?

Now anybody who has read some of my posts will already know where I land on the answer to this question - as the famous joke goes when your significan...
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ZedRunner ·

Carol watches

Has anyone come across a brand of watch call Carol? I was given a beautiful 1950’s 18k gold chronograph by my father but have never been able to find...
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Aurelian ·

Tell me why I am wrong. Part IV (unless you are Cartier and count on your fingers)

I post a controversial watch opinion merely for entertainment purposes and you tell me why I am wrong. Change my mind!
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PopitonaNATO ·

Aah but it doesn't count

Hi all. So after my mum and missus have banded together they banned me from purchasing any more watches until my birthday. Thats fine, I can wait. I w...
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