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watchobsessed ·

What's your favorite "thin" watch?

I read a few articles and it launched me down a rabbit hole looking into thin watches, defined here as 9mm thick or less. Articles 15 Best Ultra-Thin...
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Grunka_Lunka ·

Getting your SO into watches

Has anyone else’s love of things horological rubbed off on loved ones? or have you had their love rub off on you? I‘ve loved timepieces for as far bac...
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Ros5Mc ·

SOTC - My watches and why I have them

Nice to find a place with fellow watch nerds interested in this type of thing. Here is my SOTC and more importantly - to me at least - the story: 1. T...
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Watches from each decade - Share your watches Part 6: The 60s

I’m interested in history. Specially the trembling decade of the 60s. This is the decade I grow up in. Despite my youth at the time I have a lot of up...
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Aj_srXn ·

Help me find a watch

I am looking into buying a new watch, my current collection has 3 watches. I’d like a mechanical movement , dial size shouldn’t be too big (36-39mm) u...
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UnholiestJedi ·

Watch Brands? How Many?

Thinking about my collection theme (idiotic one for someone of my earning status, lol) and I have thought that to complete (hahaha! good one, huh?) th...
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HooliganIX ·

Panda and Evil (Reverse) Panda Dials

While I do appreciate monotone chronograph dials, Pandas (more specifically Evil Pandas) have always caught my eyes, and so once I found a watch that...
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AlbertaTime ·

Another HaiShi (sea lion) brand watch from Shanghai #3 Wristwatch Factory

The dial on this is not as pristine as the one in an earlier post (
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DigitalDivider ·

New Casio DW291!

I don't know how this model flew under my radar for so long! I have been looking at the DW290 "Ethan Hunt" for a few years now, but I just never could...
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Sarnsamack ·

Seiko dress watches

i Do love a variety.
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