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Mike23 ·

Save or scratch?

Do you stall your collecting and save furiously for an expensive grail watch? OR scratch the itch periodically and delay your progress?
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Ichibunz ·

No thanks no Date window for me…

I was watching this YouTube review on vintage seikos and king seikos and I forget who the guy was and he stated,” I prefer no date window nowadays on...
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Candide3693 ·

Power Reserve Complication? Yay or nay? Love it? Hate it?

Wearing my Orient Star today and it got me thinking about the power reserve complication, and how polarizing it can be. It seems to me that people eit...
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flo_of_time ·

The Perfect Collection

We all are looking to find a sense of completion when it comes to our watches but is this really possible? Taste fluctuates and evolves, but some watc...
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santiago ·

Fun Watch Friday - rebel scum edition

Happy Friday crunchers. We're rolling into the weekend with this great little piece from Nixon. It the brand's Time Teller Deluxe x Star Wars in its B...
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Show me your favorite Casio Watch

This is mine, what do you think about it?
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Toolwatches ·

Watch Crunch introduction post and SOTC

Hello everyone I wanted to take the time to introduce myself as I've just joined Watch Crunch. I'm a 28 year old guy who's been seriously interested i...
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timegeek ·

Most Dangerous Game - how do you choose the target of your next watch hunt?

In the movie Most Dangerous Game , Liam Hemsworth's character agrees to be hunted in order to provide for his wife and unborn child. The "game" involv...
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Viggen ·

Next watch purchase

Im in need of some ideas for my next watch purchase. Im looking for something swiss or possibly micro-brand between 500-1000 dollars. Would prefer if...
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Candide3693 ·

Everyone Should Have A Weekender!

I was organizing my watches for a SOTC post, and I ran across this little beauty. Think I paid $20-$30 for it a number of years ago. I saw a blog or v...
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