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New Mido TV Big Date

I鈥檝e been seeing in different ads and reviews the new Mido Tv Big Date. I was captivated by the green model, with the fum茅 effect, shape of the case,...

Mido Appreciation

I've had my first Mido (Multifort TV Big Date) for a few months and still get such a kick out of it. Unbelievable quality on par with my much more exp...

Mido Multifort TV Big Date.. a genuine inspiration from the archives or too much of a Patek omage? 馃

I鈥檓 really loving this recent Mido release. Especially the orange rubber band/gray dial combination. But one question keeps bothering me in my head. I...

Mido multifort tv big date is so sexy 馃槑

Working on the review 馃槑 If you don't want to miss it, check me out on YouTube @its_complicated

Mido TV Big Date 馃摵

Picked this guy up for $900 from Macys. There is a 25% off coupon if you sign up for their text marketing! I chose the one on the orange rubber, seein...

I need some movement Help

I am looking at possibly purchasing a Mido TV Big Date. But in doing my research I come across a possible issue with the movement. It has a Automatic...

What鈥檚 the smallest watch you wear?

One of my favorites is this 29mm Mido Multifort Powerwind. What are some of your favorites? Who wears the smallest?

Mido Ocean Star Tribute

Daily wearer as of now. one of my favourites

My best watches so far

Thanks for the add, this group looks awesome. I present to you my 3 favorite watches.

First Sep Wine Down

@LBoogie and I enjoying the 3-day weekend