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Vulcain VS Maen

Hi! Despite different price points, would you pick the Vulcain Skin Diver Nautique or the Maen Hudson 38 MK4 Heritage? most importantly, WHY? On the lookout for a remarkable diver for a small wrist. T...
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Good day Crunchers! On wrist for only the second time since acquiring this timepiece is my only vintage watch; Vulcain Cricket Alarm from 1960 on a gr...

Some more of my dad’s watches

The gold Omega on the left was my great grandfather’s. It’s in need of a service but we opened the caseback and the movement looks in good condition b...

For an AD to stand out from a crowd

Went on a watch safari in the Capital again. Showed my face into the ADs I have a relation with just to keep me on their radar. Of course I took the c...

Which Vintage Reissued Skin Diver?

Im looking at a second skindiver watch in the smaller size. So we have had in the last couple of months and as recently in the last week vintaged reis...

Vulcain Nautique : My new watch purchase and my search for the right skindiver for me

Hi everybody, Absolutely in love with my new watch 😊 I had the bad idea to have a visit at my local AD yesterday and tried on different watches that...

Anyone with hands-on experience with modern Vulcain watches?

I'm really liking what I see of late from Vulcain. They are undoubtedly best known for the Cricket but they have just released a vintage style (and vi...

1960s presidents’ watch

So, forgive me for not knowing enough about this brand. To be honest, until this piece was offered to me by my vintage gal, I’ve never even heard of V...

What got away

What's one watch you highly regret parting with? For me it's this vintage Vulcain Marriage watch. I kick myself every day. I search the buy and sells...

Let's Talk About Decompression Dive Watches....

So recently I posted an article about purchasing watches and related accessories on Aliexpress: