Hey guys! super happy to be joining the community, feels like the early days of watch forums in the best possible way! long time watch enthusiast, wat...
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Buy a watch, help save the world? #9 (Phantasos Triclops Steel)

Hello friends! Today, I have another charitable watch auction. Up for your consideration is the Phantasos Triclops Steel with WANDERING HOURS complica...
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Wandering Hours Hit Different

Lots of great stuff being done by independents these days, Urwerk among them. I love the creativity and craft here, and reminds me to not take things...
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Atowak cobra - opinion

Hi Everyone, I have heard about Atowak but not a lot. Their new release cobra looks a cool. Anyone have experience with Atowak produced watches? Just...
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Another crazy piece from Atowak!

This is NWA #48, the Atowak Cobra with amazing wandering hours complication. The affordable Urwerk 馃槈
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Is there something like an alternative?

So i am a huge fan of really complicated watches. As seen in the pictures, i love brands like Urwerk, MB&F, FPJ and so on. Generally, comlications...
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Crazy detailing

One of my favorite snaps from Geneva
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Ever heard about Urwerk? Check out their cool watches...

I just found out about this brand and I must say their watches are crazy. The prices too! The UR-112 definitely looks by far the most interesting piec...
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I'm changed now

Everybody: I just saw an Urwerk for the first time in my life. Like in real life. Not a picture...they had 3! I just needed to share that with anybody...
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