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Coolest celebrity and watchmaker association?

I used the word "association" instead of "collaboration" because the most iconic one, arguably, wasn't official in any way. Which of these celebrity associations do people here find the most....enduri...

Show us your tonneau watches

If someone used this case shape before Cartier introduced the Tonneau (French for "barrel") in 1906 I can't find it. The tonneau shape has two straigh...

F1 Richard Mille robbery attempt

I believe this is the third time a Formula 1 driver is being robbed of his (sponsored) watch. This time it was Carlos Sainz in Milan, after his stunni...

Ultrathins - Piaget vs RM vs Bvlgari

Piaget ultiplano ultimate concent vs RM Ferrari vs Octo Finnissimo Ultra Do you like them? Which one of the trio would you like to have? Why? https://...

Watch theft in Germany is a thing now

Apparently, watch theft is now also an issue in Germany. I just read about two cases in Munich. This is actually one of the safest big cities in Germa...

What is your type?


Succession watch spotting. Any other shows?

My wife and I just finished the brilliant show Succession! The whole time I gushed at how the other .00001% lives and by that I mostly mean drooling a...

Nice Richard Mille...

Good morning Crunchers! Hot coffee and a laugh is a good way to start your day! 馃槀

One & Done: Chapter Fifteen - Patek Philippe

Foreword Welcome and welcome back! If you're new here, I'm exploring the 20 best-selling watch brands of 2022 (as seen on GQ Australia ) and answering...

Hublot Hate and Richard Mille Love?

Genuine question: Why does a brand like Hublot (or Invicta, for that matter) garner so much animosity twords them, but Richard Mille seem to get nothi...