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Gnomonist ·


Tough decision
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ChronoGuy ·

Glycine vs Invicta - is there even a contest?

So I was having a little fun lately... I first saw the Invicta when @Whitesalmon sent me a note about buying one...being a fan of the Bulova Surfboard...
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Catboxstinx ·

What swiss brand gives you the most value for your money?

Obviously my choice is above what do you think?
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Edge168n ·

Watches in the Wild (Borrowed Time, Volume 35)

Disclaimer: Battle armor for morning meetings. This is the thirty fifth in a semi-regular digest of cool watches I happened to see this week. Past pos...
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Matda1755 ·

Latest addition

Picked this up for a bargain in the week and I can definitely see this getting a lot of wrist time. Wears great on the fabric zuludiver too!
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howied ·

What would you pick and why? Glycine VAER Boldr

So many great inexpensive field style watches. Curious what you guys/gals would pick and why. I already have a Swiss Watch Co. Bunker and Momentum Atlas Smokejumper, just looking at a few other attrac...
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jimmykrack99 ·

Great timer

I don't dive but I like to use the timer option.
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NightWatch ·

I just bought one of these Quartz Chronographs. Which one would YOU have purchased?

I was looking for a replacement for my Pagani PD-1701 Speedy homage. I have made my choice and it is already on its way. Your vote cannot sway me! But, I'm still curious: which do you like the best?
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Gnomonist ·

Got my first Glycine watch!

Bought this Glycine Airman 42 GMT (GL0069) on a whim, as the sale was too good to pass up. I had reservations, but the Airman has totally blown me awa...
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ChronoGuy ·

Anyone with experience with Glycine Combat Chronograph?

So I saw this yesterday in one of Ashford's sales...for only $199 Got taken in...the specs look so can you pass this up? Brand: Glycine Mod...
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