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Freak Lume Shots

Been loving the Freak Lume shots provided by the online community. Unique, innovative and out of the box. In 2023, watches should come with decent lum...

Under the radar Divers

When thinking of dive watches, we have the Rolex, seiko, Casio and many more. Even BlancPain in the higher price range. A shame that Ulysse Nardin doe...

You’re traveling to a risky destination, you’ve got some meetings but mostly outdoors. What is in your wrist?

Rolex Grails are your prized possessions. High end stealths are ones that are pricy but only watch crunchers know WRN. Sturdy Duties are our tudors, seikos, Tissot, ORIS. Then there’s Casio.
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Ulysse Nardin Beyond the Freak

While the freak surely takes the attention these days, the marine collection is sometimes overshadowed. But having seen the tourbillon collection late...

Freak Out…love it or hate it

Undeniably, the Ulysse Nardin Freak us a sight to admire. Like it or hate it on the wrist, the movement is simply innovative & inspiring. The late...

Erotic watches - what are your thoughts?

Guys, what are your thoughts about erotic watches? There are generally 2 types - Jaquemarts with moving figurines and with simply erotic depictions. U...

The Desk to Diver: Ultimate Face Off

Yes, many of us buy dive watches but when we actually go diving we do not use the "dive watch" we end up using something that we are more comfortable...

Design 44

A half-baked idea. It’s midnight - the neighbours are having a loud party. Drew this to take my mind off of it. Mainly took inspiration from the UN Ma...

White Dial Roman Numerals - Romance

Some how the white dial and Roman numerals has both a gentleman feel but sporty also. Just simply can’t get enough for the white dials. Some from the...

We need to talk about this watch.

What is your opinion on Erotic watches? Would you rock this watch? The Ulysse Nardin Manara. Comment below. Thanks