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watstoki ·

Views On Vintage Engravings?

Perhaps Paul Newman’s engraved Daytona‘s and JFK’s Tank are some of the most famous scratchings on a case. However, I’ve been looking at a lot of affo...
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watstoki ·

Watch Art

My digital art tribute to the Rolex Submariner “Hulk“ The dial technically looks more like a Kermit, However, Kermit isn’t as cool. Just for fun celeb...
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hitchhiker ·

Are Tudor fold-over clasps better than Rolex?

Beyond the wearing comfort (I guess that has to go to Rolex) I feel like the ceramic bearings on a Tudor make the clasp much smoother to operate, also...
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Cyclopsdom ·

Yes, no or kind of cheesy bro ?

I bought a white, blue and black rubber strap just to try out some different looks and I really didn’t think I would like white! but I kind of do 🤔 I...
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Mazharshah ·

Desk diver question

Hi all, I was thiking about wearing my submariner as my daily beater watch. Figured no point sitting in watch winder looking pretty when I paid so muc...
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juliop ·

Rolex & ADs

Rookie question (and kinda already guessing the answer): is it impossible to get a new SS Sub, GMT, or Explorer at msrp w/o having a long relationship...
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BigIona ·

What to do

Here is my situation. I purchased the Rolex OP41mm in bright blue this past December. It’s a lovely watch. And at first I was enamored with it, but I...
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rocksinger89 ·

Upright vs. Revolving numerals?

I might be using the wrong terms to describe these, but what is your preference here? Two nearly identical watches with different positioning of the n...
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ChaseEagle ·

Do I really want to trade my Grand Seiko SBGA413 for a Rolex?

So I know someone who offered me a fair trade for his Rolex Explorer Ref 14270 (Swiss made) for my Grand Seiko SBGA413. There is a small amount of cas...
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hoffman010 ·

New Colour Trend?

Over the last 5 or so years it's safe to say that Blue has been the most popular colour. Partly in combination due to the rise of steel sports watches...
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