ten_and_two ·

Which one would you choose?

Planning a 40th birthday present to myself later this year. I’m on the dreaded list for the Rolex Explorer. If I don’t get the call by November I’ll likely choose one of the other options (although a...
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Ibrahim100 ·

Rolex Explorer 1 (I124270 ) dilemma and advice required

Hey Folks, I have been on the hunt for the new Rolex Explorer 1 (I124270 ) for some months and have registered my interest with ADs. Probably watched...
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Rolexahoma ·

Why the Chinese Balloon was really flying over the US

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flyflyaltinay ·

Rolex Submariner

my cousin says its boring, what do you think about the sub?
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kernit ·

Watches in Wonderland; Do you sleep with it on or off?

Some watches sleep better on our wrists than others. For sure, all my Rolexes get the scream from the family at night as it scratches them. I just wanna tell the time especially with a new born. Apple...
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LRFAntiqueWatches ·

Rolex COPIES Depollier, Again

ROLEX COPIES DEPOLLIER AGAIN!!! Once again a Charles Depollier innovation was copied by Rolex, this time Depollier did it 83 YEARS BEFORE Rolex! In 20...
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Shihan ·

Rolex AD

Hello everyone, I want to share a little background before my question. I visited a Rolex AD last Tuesday looking for a Green OP, I know probably neve...
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Chaimzvi ·

Walked into an AD to try on a Tudor

Walked out with… Six months ago, I was blissfully ignorant of the world of horology, perfectly content with my old Seiko quartz (kinetic) watch. One d...
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Jamust ·

Which do you prefer, the classic 36mm steel Oyster Perpetual or the sporty 36mm steel Rolex Explorer?

Looking to get my first Rolex and I am torn between these two models. The specs seem almost identical (movement, power reserve, dimensions), but the price of the OP is about $1K less. It seems like it...
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Edge168n ·

Watches in the Wild (Winter Has Come, Volume 21)

Disclaimer: Some days call for a big watch. Roadster Chrono on Alligator. This is the twenty first in a semi-regular digest of cool watches I happened...
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