Luca_WTC ·

Are 36 millimeter too small for a watch?

I am interest to understand better the watch size trends, comment down below your favourite watch size and leave a wrist-shot if you like it.
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Catskinner ·

You got me at 34.5mm, a review of the AMWG/Mathey-Tissot MT369

The MT369 is the fruit of a collaboration between AMWG (Asia Mechanical Watches Group) and Mathey-Tissot. AMWG is a Facebook group with about 50,000 m...
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robstacam ·


Alright... I've been wanting to do a state of the collection post for a long time, and after picking up my most recent purchase in Geneva on my honeym...
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julian0704 ·

What do you guys think of a Pepsi bezel on a Seiko?

Does it just look like a knockoff Rolex GMT/Sub or is it actually cool?
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MWC2020 ·

Why I Won’t buy Another Rolex.

This was a difficult one for me. I wanted a statement of my opinions of the brand plain to see on my channel. Some of the practices from AD’s are terr...
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alvin.ang ·

When is this annoying practice going to end?

The picture was taken last month in the week Tudor Pelagos 39 was released. I went to my local AD to try on the watch and was told that this is an exh...
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UnholiestJedi ·

Which Watch Brands Have Achieved Fanboy/Fangirl Status

We all know that Apple has their cadre of fanboys/fangirls that will mostly just buy everything Apple just because it's Apple, even though spec-wise,...
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Mastiff ·

IWC brand strength over Rolex & Omega

Crunchers I'd thought I'd try and get your opinions on IWC as a brand and why people seem to fall on the more obvious brand offerings. I notice both o...
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My fave watch if all time

Which watch brings a smile to your face?
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