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Red Bar brother from another mother

One of these needs a "service" :) These little Hublots are so much fun...

Own one? Show us 馃摲鈴憋笍馃憖


My new Hublot

Hello everyone. I just acquired a Hublot. Here is my Hublot King Power Oceanographic 4000. Before you cringe at my choice of timepiece, allow me to el...


Even if I could afford it, I wouldn't. So ugly, how did it get into production. Only found it after seeing a thread on here about local watch shops. G...

Aligning the (push-in) crown 馃お馃懟

I know there's loads of complaints about misaligned screws on bezels. There's even a video from Swiss Watch Gang about it I also know that some enthusiasts not only like s...

The most hated luxury watch on the planet?

So... After 2 years of watch collecting I've come to a realization. EVERYONE HATES ON HUBLOT! From your normal collectors, many who've never even owne...

Oh boi

okay I鈥檓 curious, who is this for? I think limited editions are limited for several reasons, one being that they don鈥檛 appeal to a larger crowd but th...

Which one to choose?


Infodump - dNg Design Journal Ch. 14

Hi! If you鈥檙e new here, I make watch designs I thought of in my head. Some work, some don鈥檛, all of them are unrealistic. Give me some feedback! Perso...

Hooyah. 馃敱

鈥淢eg, got another one in the mail. Hooyah, Stew.鈥 My boss is a retired Navy SEAL and passed along this recent copy of Watches International the other...