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Grcohen ·

How I got into watch collecting - first post

I got into watch collecting 3 1/2 years ago after my dad passed. I inherited his Universal Geneve Unisonic driven by a tuning fork. The watch was in t...
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Mmulia ·

Any Recommendation for Everyday Watch?

Hi Everyone, I’m very new to this hobby of watch collection, and I need recommendation on Everyday watch that I can both dress up & dress down. Af...
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Flandericious ·

Views on the vintage omegas?

I saw this listing for quite a reasonable price and it seems that it was serviced prior. So I really want to get it. The thing is, I’m not really fami...
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Metalguru68 ·

Battery powered vintage.

Over the last year I've slowly grown tired of modern watches and automatics, too big and constantly having to adjust the time and date if you've not w...
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watchchick132 ·

Omega GMT

I borrowed this timepiece. 42mm case size. Wanted to know if this would be too large for my wrist. I like it a lot.
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Utopia39 ·

Ceramic dials

Ceramic dials from Omega are well manufactured and give a brilliant shine in all types of lighting. It’s hard to get bored of such a unique piece. #om...
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Velomax ·

How my watch collection was hijacked by an Aqua Terrorist.

Some of you know that I am attempting to build a watch collection based on one example of each complication or unique function. So yesterday my wife a...
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rajbinani ·

Help needed - Omega Moonwatch or Sinn U50

Lately, I have been thinking of getting a Moonwatch (has to be Hesalite for me; don’t like the look of sapphire crystal) or Sinn U50 (which although d...
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Omeganut ·

Living out our childhood dreams through watches

When I was growing up, Roger Moore was James Bond. And when the films would rerun on KTLA Channel 5, I’d sit for the marathons (along with Kung Fu The...
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ManthraMaximus ·

Opinions from the Vintage Peeps on Watchcrunch

Hello everyone! I have another vintage watch to ask for opinions from the good people of Watchcrunch. This is a vintage Omega Constellation F300Hz, th...
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