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flo_of_time ·

The Perfect Collection

We all are looking to find a sense of completion when it comes to our watches but is this really possible? Taste fluctuates and evolves, but some watc...
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hoffman010 ·

New Colour Trend?

Over the last 5 or so years it's safe to say that Blue has been the most popular colour. Partly in combination due to the rise of steel sports watches...
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tescovaluenurse ·

Breitling Aerospace EVO Alternative for Small Wrists?

Afternoon all, Total site newbie here wanting to pick your brains about alternatives to a watch I have (sadly!) fallen in love with, that watch being...
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ChronoGuy ·

Anyone Else Afflicted with Salmon-ella?

Maybe it's just me...but anytime I see a beautiful salmon colored dial it hits that part of my brain that says "you need that watch". Now, of course,...
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Realwatchclub ·

Holiday Watches!

Does anyone else care as much about what watches to take on holiday compared to what clothes? Asking for a friend.........
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Breitling Navitimer 🌳

Breitling Navi kind of day 😎
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KevinK ·

Learning about valuing watches - why is the Breitling Premier B01 going for so low on the secondary market?

I’m new to watch collecting and have been looking at the Breitling Premier B01 (AB0118221G1P1) for a while. I’ve been learning about what makes a watc...
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Omeganut ·

The Omega Chronoscope has got to go… because the Baltic Bicompax 002 is just that good

In a previous thread, I asked folks' thoughts on trading in both the Breitling AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-edition and the Omega Chronoscope for the GS SLGA0...
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Omeganut ·

Would you make the trade?

I can't stop thinking about the new Grand Seiko SLGA015. But, if I were to get it, I think I'd have to trade in a couple of watches. Otherwise, soon,...
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morganthedruid ·

Cluttered wordy dials and odd brand logos, have you ever noped on a fantastic watch because you couldn't live with the dial?

I love wordiness on dials and I'd buy that Edox just for the hilarious text but I know many of us prefer a less cluttered dial. Do you need to know th...
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