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TimexBadger ·

Everyday Watch with large collection

Please humor me, I have a weird question that I was wondering about. With folks with a larger collection 20 plus watches, do you have an every day wat...
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watchobsessed ·

What's your favorite "thin" watch?

I read a few articles and it launched me down a rabbit hole looking into thin watches, defined here as 9mm thick or less. Articles 15 Best Ultra-Thin...
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Orient Bambino

I had my 21st birthday in August and now I have got my 21st Birthday present. An Orient Bambino. So happy to add another wristwatch to my collection.
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Grunka_Lunka ·

Getting your SO into watches

Has anyone else’s love of things horological rubbed off on loved ones? or have you had their love rub off on you? I‘ve loved timepieces for as far bac...
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Ros5Mc ·

SOTC - My watches and why I have them

Nice to find a place with fellow watch nerds interested in this type of thing. Here is my SOTC and more importantly - to me at least - the story: 1. T...
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joncheehz ·

Zenith Defy Classic on the rubber strap is UBER comfortable

Shot by my super talented photographer friend! Got to say after wearing the #Zenith Defy Classic on the rubber strap and bracelet, it’s actually more...
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WatchYourIntruder ·

Watches from each decade - Share your watches Part 6: The 60s

I’m interested in history. Specially the trembling decade of the 60s. This is the decade I grow up in. Despite my youth at the time I have a lot of up...
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Aj_srXn ·

Help me find a watch

I am looking into buying a new watch, my current collection has 3 watches. I’d like a mechanical movement , dial size shouldn’t be too big (36-39mm) u...
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Speedy77 ·

Watch Brands You Want To Like, But Don’t (At Least Not Yet)

Are there any watch brands out there that you really, really, want to like, but you haven’t yet connected with? For me it’s Oris. I LOVE the brand’s e...
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Tuekaer ·

Seiko ‘Explorer 1’ custom 🥰🤩

Went to New York City 2 weeks ago with this beauty🗽🇺🇸 First time in the US was a succes! My buddy of mine Built this watch for me, now im so in love s...
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