casiodean ·

Final rotation complete!

I think I'm done now. All bases and designs that I like are covered. Cadisen "Wimbledon", Pagani Design "Cocktail Time", Invicta Pro Diver "Bluesy", I...
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Pallet_Fork ·

Invicta Hydromax Review

I have a real treat for all of you Invicta fans out there – a review of the Hydromax , Model 16964, a simply MASSIVE homage watch. Let’s dig in. Calib...

Invicta Hydromax - Model 16964

3.8 Avg. Score
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TwiceTollingClock ·

Help Me Decide...

Ok, I plan to buy all 4 of these watches eventually... but which ones would you get first? They are divided into two categories, based on cost: Low-En...
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Barry1968 ·

Invicta 1953

Invicta 1953
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JBird7986 ·

I know we all love to hate on them, but…

…why doesn’t Invicta have a badge on WC? I mean, they are a substantially sized company and a fairly large player in the watch world. I’m not saying t...
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bradleypariah ·

Have any of your Invicta watches broken?

Are Invicta watches as bad as people say? I love a couple of their watches (literally only a couple out of hundreds), and I'm wondering how bad they can possibly be. I don't want to buy one if it'll b...
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Pallet_Fork ·

Grand Diver

I'm noticing everyone discussing the Invicta Pro Diver when it comes to affordable dive watches, and most conclusions regarding Invicta's quality and...
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Pallet_Fork ·

The Invicta Pro Diver 12167

Hey Invicta diver fans, I just thought I'd show you the Pro Diver I bought by mistake late one evening and the cool lume it has. I thought I was biddi...
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jonathanRstafford ·

Name a watch you own that you'd tell someone else NOT to buy?

I was thinking today that there are watches I love in my collection, but I wouldn't recommend them to someone else to pick up. Let's limit responses t...
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Old_School ·

Dissapointing Purchase

I wore this to work today and posted it on WRUW. It is the only Invicta I own. It was a purchase early in my watch collecting adventure. JOMASHOP call...
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