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robbits ·

Tissot PRX 35mm FINALLY with Powermatic 80

I've always wanted a Tissot PRX but only the larger 40mm size was ever available with the Powermatic 80 movement. The 35mm quartz version was tempting...
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witcher.watcher ·

One watch collection competition. All under 400. Episode 20. GRAND FINALE.

The end, the apex, the GRAND FINALE. Now we will know the watch to crown the best GADA watch under 400$, the most loved, the most voted. We have 2 contestants left, both Swiss, both automatic, both wi...
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Timetworule ·

3 watches total $5,000cdn here are my picks (retail prices)

1 dress, 1 diver/gmt and 1 everyday. Tissot prx for my dress. Oris big Crown pointer date for everyday. Christopher Ward C60 anthropocene gmt.
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witcher.watcher ·

One watch collection competition. All under 400. Episode 18. FINAL 4. 1/2.

We are down to final 4 contestants in our one watch collection challenge under 400$. We have only big brands left with 3 Swiss contenders and only one Japanese. I will post both pairs of final four to...
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righthandwatches ·

NWA#2: My Watch for Christmas Dinner and... i got a hat❄️

Hi Watchfam, so let's get to it. I was searching for a dresswatch for a long time and i already choose this one at the end of september,so after a lon...
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RobertWood ·

Christmas for the GF

One of my favorite dress watches is my Tissot Classic Dream, so for Christmas, I bought my GF a Ladies Classic Dream. I think she will love it. The se...
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rowiphi ·

Just a family picture...

... of some new additions these last months. All unique and wonderful in their own right. That's it. Felt cute. Might delete later...
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witcher.watcher ·

One watch collection competition. All under 400. Episode 19. FINAL 4. 2/2.

Without any pause I am glad to present you a second pair of finalists of GADA watch under 400$ challenge. If you read it and haven’t voted for the first pair, then you can find the post here – https:/...
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feel_the_hit ·


Anybody with the Tissot V8 Swissmatic watch? It is basically a sort of everyday/sports watch. Any reviews would be welcome. Also please let me know if...
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adrianbucher ·

swiss watch enthusiasts

I'm from Zurich (Switzerland🇨🇭), I like swiss cheese and swiss watches. 😁 I'm fascinated by mechanical movements, the details, the precision, the engi...
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