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flo_of_time ·

The Perfect Collection

We all are looking to find a sense of completion when it comes to our watches but is this really possible? Taste fluctuates and evolves, but some watc...
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OmegaSimp ·

Which one?

I'm looking for a robust and durable everyday watch for around £500 pounds - and preferably swiss - and I have it down to 3 candidates: "The cliche ch...
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Zotrax1946 ·

Latest edition to the collection

Tissot Gentleman powermatic 80 silicium on the black leather strap.
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WatchYourIntruder ·

Swoosh! - What was that? The Swedish summer.

I live in a country with a short summer. A more positive way to describe the climate is as a four season climate. Autumn and winter we have plenty of...
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JesseJ ·

PRX Hype Monster

Is the PRX Powermatic worth the hype? Thoughts?
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Realwatchclub ·


Watches with integrated bracelets. What's your favourite watch? All budgets welcome.....
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Seikologist ·

Look at that Tissot👁

Sunny day off after a late waking due to a long night shift. Let’s see how this Tissot feels! I’m feeling holiday’ish🤓
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Max ·

Why some mid-tier brands move upmarket (and others don't)?

I've been pondering this one. I know prices are up across the board but the likes of Oris are really gunning upmarket compared to the likes of Tissot,...
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TimeJunkie ·

The every day watch I was gifted

Today I am wearing a watch gifted to me by my Father in Law. He was a craftsman in masonry for decades. His daily wear was this little Tissot Sea Star...
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TonyXXX ·

Birthday shopping for someone else gone wrong 😑

Very detrimental to my wallet and my marriage. The lure of buying a new watch while supposedly looking for a birthday present. My wife is going to kil...
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