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My Ball Trainmaster “ Cannonball “. One of the more retro pieces I own. If you’re not familiar with Ball, they have impeccable, build quality and are...

Ball In-House Movement 7309

Anybody have experience with Ball’s foray into in-house movements? This model is on my radar and if the movement is good, then it seems like a great v...


Hello everyone! I’m David and currently based out of NYC. Here is my current rotation! I’ve been into watches for about 8 years. However, as with a lo...

Couldn’t resist second Ball watch

I know I was visiting London for divers, but I’ve been after a dress watch for ages, randomly I found Ball watches are sold at Stansted Airport Vat fr...

BALL Roadmaster Marine GMT Meteorite

What do you all think of this new offering starting at $3,099 USD? Seems to be a lot of value for the dollar if you ask me. A lot happening here and I...

Ideal winter watch

Three years in, and this party trick hasn't got old🌙

Own one or more these four!?

Send in the pictures 📸 Share with us “The Story” behind the Watch! ⏱️🧐 Stay Crunchy Y’all ✌️😉

BALL Engineer Master II Doolittle Raiders

So... BALL make awesome watches... and the Doolittle raid is one of the most audacious war stories of all time... so you'd think combing the two in a...

The SOTC that absolutely nobody asked for!

So here it is…it’s in a reasonably good place with nine automatics and three quartz watches. In the lower right is the G-Shock collection: GW-2310-1 G...

Tough choice....

Ball or Fortis?