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Catskinner ·

You got me at 34.5mm, a review of the AMWG/Mathey-Tissot MT369

The MT369 is the fruit of a collaboration between AMWG (Asia Mechanical Watches Group) and Mathey-Tissot. AMWG is a Facebook group with about 50,000 members, mostly from Hong-Kong and Macao. Mathey-Ti...

Robcollects ·

Omega Speedmaster Moonphase review

I have this Speedy now long enough for a review. It joined my collection over the summer and as many have seen on WRUW, its a common sight on my wrist. I am a fan of Moonphase watches, so when looking...

DariusII ·

Islander Abalone ‘Monster’ Review

From the time we are tots, many of us learn stories of wizards, enchanted forests and magical powers conjured from a carved willow wand. As we grow, we long for the supernatural to be part of our mund...

thekris ·

Mixed Feelings...a Meandering Watch Review

I don't usually feel I have anything to say about a watch that hasn't already been said by 94 Youtubers, so I don't write reviews. Obviously, something's different in this case. As this watch is fairl...

TheCianinator ·

I Want a PRX but I Don’t Want a PRX: Reviewing the Mathey-Tissot Evasi...

So there's this obscure watch from the 1970s you've probably never heard of called the Royal Oak, and this other one called the Nautilus. They were both designed by the same guy, Gerald Genta, you've...

Robinwatch ·

Timex waterbury review

Which watch do you buy if you don't want to spend a lot of money ? of course there is a lot of good answer but Timex is one of the best. I recently bought this timex waterbury on the grey market for o...

Fiatjeepdriver ·

Atticus review

I only found out about Atticus a month or so ago but I was pretty drawn to them after seeing one for sale on reddit. From browsing their website they have several different dials all based around a ni...

rowiphi ·

Review: The unrealness of the Tissot PRX Powermatic 80

After a few months with two of these watches (more about that later) it's time to share my thoughts about this incredible watch. There, I said it. That's it. You can go back scrolling through Chrono24...

Bzilla ·

A biased review of a big shiny g shock

"That is so Kanye." A coworker on seeing this watch. "Ludicrous. Ludicrous!" My friend. "Es ese reloj?!" Both of my parents at separate times. An okay translation is, "what's up with that watch?" But...

playboyheafner ·

Venezianico Redentore Review

Venezianico is a new microbrand to me. They’re a company based out of Italy with watches most likely made in China (not that there’s anything wrong with that). This limited edition however is to celeb...