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Lars_Vader ·

Choosing my Daily D(r)iver in the Vein of a Rolex Sub

Hi everyone, Long story short: I have always been a watch enthusiast. From my first Flik Flak that I got as a 6/7-year-old till today. I've always wor...
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Millrr1964 ·

Titoni Airmaster

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Oseberg ·


Just discovered the brand reading a Fratello article (
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Aurelian ·

Badges, we don't need no stinkin' badges

I had forgotten where that originally came from, but it is a paraphrase from the 1948 movie "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre." I remember it from thi...
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ChronoGuy ·

Have we finally hit the Tiffany Blue limit?

I just received today from Titoni an email promoting their new Airmaster reference with...drum roll...a Tiffany Blue dial. So what do the rest of you...
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mynchi ·

Felca 25 jewel oddity

Dear all, you have proven to be a font of knowledge in the past and I’m hoping to pick your brains once again. I have just purchased a job lot from au...
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ChronoGuy ·

Let's Talk About Titoni!

Titoni - a brand within Felca which was formed by Fritz Schluep in Grenchen, Switzerland in 1919 as Felca AG. Fritz was focused early on in developing...
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Chris.W ·

My dad’s watch. What’s your dad watch?

Titoni Cosmo King
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AupaAtleti ·


Morning, just joined. Any Titoni fans out there? I noticed it wasn’t on the brand list signing up. Cheers!
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thewatchout ·

Kicking back with the lumed out Explorer and a beverage in hand.

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thewatchout ·

How do we feel about dive watches on a leather strap?

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josephrana ·

Would this have turned Steve McQueen green with envy?! One of my favourite watches ever, and I'm grateful to actually own one!

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josephrana ·

The one that started it all.

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