Watches in the Wild (Watching Watches on Holiday, Volume 13)

Disclaimer: The Direnzo DRZ04 was my watch this week (pictured here on the plane), an all around fabulous travel and vacation watch. Integrated lugs a...
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Cartier Tank 馃嚝馃嚪

Calendar day 6 of 24 馃巺The grand dad of all fashion watches, loved by rich ladies, grand dads and fancy watch enthusiasts alike. Imitated by many but the brands unique history makes it special. Have th...
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Cartier Santos Dumont.

Long story short, l have always wanted a cartier watch cause of the history and the prestige of the brands, so l decide to get the cartier santos for...
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Caf茅 con Cartier

Let鈥檚 see the posts! Sunday funday. All beverages and watches welcome. From quartz and caffeinated to complications and cortados.
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Three watch collection in three years

I currently own 7 watches, which I intend to keep, but rather than expanding the size of my collection to an unwearable number of affordable or mid-ti...
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Vario Versa SHIPPED! Can鈥檛 wait!

I was so excited when I saw this notification. I saw responses from Vario鈥檚 Instagram that it could take 2+ months to deliver all the watches if they...
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Just for fun! November 2022 collection. Rolex explorer 1 and 2 Tudor BB pro Farer Durham Nomos Lambda, Orion, Tangomat Cartier Tank Basculante, Must G...
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Discussion: Cartier overtakes Omega

Been thinking about this for a while and would love to hear what the community thinks: What happened: According to the report on the Swiss watch indus...
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Terrible version of a great watch

What is your best example of a brilliant watch in a terrible variant? I鈥榙 give my right arm for a normal cartier crash. But this enamel and diamond cr...
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Newest addition (related)

I purchased my Tank Must XL in 2021 to celebrate a milestone (the birth of our child). My original wedding ring is an heirloom from my Father. It fits...
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