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tempusfacvitam ·

Cartier Tank Solarbeat size question

Got my hands on a small Tank Solarbeat this week. Because my wrist is just around 5.9 inches, I think it would be the right size to go for. Usually I'...
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watchaddictwt ·

Rectangular Watches - Will they find a place in your Collection?

The Rectangular watch has a bit of an enigmatic quality to it. In this day and age, it comes across as dressy, and as such does not evoke a sense of t...
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Fernando163 ·

Dress Watch Help!

Hello Everyone, I’m looking to buy a dress watch and have narrowed the list to the following. IWC Portofino Automatic 40mm And Cartier Ronde 40mm. Wan...
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nytime ·

Social Media Trends You Enjoy?

I know a lot of us are here to avoid the social media but for those of us still on it, are there any trends/hashtags you enjoy following/contributing...
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Deeperblue ·

May 'Latest acquisition' thread

Unless I've missed it I don't think we've had a thread to show off our latest purchases for a few weeks at least, and I wanted to introduce the newest...
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mwatchgeek ·

Santos Blue VS Luminor Due 42 (Anthracite)

Currently going to get my next watch, but I am absolutely torn between the two. I know the Due has less water resistance, but I have no plans to take...
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playboyheafner ·

My Collection - SOTC

About to be with the Casio for the next 2 weeks because of a National Guard training. Wanted to post this before going. 1. Jump hour movement cleverly...
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celinesimon ·

Cartier GADA?

Doing some research for an upcoming article and I love getting feedback from the community here 😀 What would you say is a Go Anywhere Do Anything (GAD...
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Eaurouge1 ·

Tank watches

Hi cartier tank watches are high on my mind at the moment...tgv doing what he does best. Also deeperblue has one and it looks great. Unfortunately I c...
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Timetworule ·

New Cartier Santos

Do you think the new Cartier Santos white dial with blue pvd bezel be your centre piece of your watch collection?
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