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Just got a new watch? Tell the community the story behind your latest acquisition.

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RobertWood ·

New to me Monaco

Another grail of mine. Found it at an incredible price and pulled the trigger. It’s extremely cool!

endeswatches ·

Seiko Speedtimer

This watch first caught my attention in Aug 2022 when I was looking for a Chrono for my tiny wrist. At the time it was sold out everywhere so I never got to see it in person. Fast forward to January 2...

Chronos14 ·

Ranger the lone one in the shop too …

Well it was love at first sight. Not boring, feels solid , feels and looks like a million bucks ! I will definitely be selling a couple of watches to recover from the sticker shock as it was a good pr...

Justingalore ·

Beautiful Blue Oris at a Sale Price

So it seems I am still in the grip of watch fever. A trip to the Oris boutique in Bond Street, London yesterday - I picked up this awesome jumper. I was blown away by the big crown pointer date - espe...

Galactica ·

New cocktail time on its way

Used from Ebay, now my 3rd cocktail time. be here in a few days. Going to Malaysia with my friend from Belgium in few months. His first trip to Asia & we have a nice cocktail package in the Shangr...

brunofrankelli ·

Unisex vintage too small?

So, I saw this thing online and immediately fell in love with it. I've always wanted a Hamilton and a watch from the 1940s--why not combine both of those into one watch? I asked a lot of questions to...

Bjoern ·

Seikos for wedding anniversary

Good evening my dear friends! Last week my wife and I had our 5th wedding anniversary. As a result, I was allowed to buy my first Seiko, my SNJ025 Arnie. Today I picked out a beautiful Seiko Presage f...

DigitalDivider ·

Here it is! My wife's first watch purchase!

My wife fell in love with the dial and had to have it. This is the watch that inspired the poll asking if she is a collector now. She is thrilled with it.

vandium ·

Vostok Amphibia - Black & Orange Scuba Dude

It finally came! My first automatic watch is a unique diver that I have been eyeing for at least 2 years now. Perfect timing to arrive right before my birthday as well. 🎈🎉🍰 I am trilled with this purc...