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robwei ·

N (to me) WA: White dial everyday

A while ago I was asking for suggestions for a midsized white dial everyday watch. I got lots of great suggestions and spent hours researching these. But in the end I went with something not mentioned...

ChrisInEdmonton ·

They Make Watches in Manitoba?!

Yes, they make watches in Manitoba and they're pretty damn nice too! I'm a fairly new collector, still figuring out what I like and so far tool watches seem to be what I'm drawn to and folks, this one...

DigitalDivider ·

New Casio DW291!

I don't know how this model flew under my radar for so long! I have been looking at the DW290 "Ethan Hunt" for a few years now, but I just never could get beyond its appearance; I just don't like the...

RichJones ·

Now I can keep time and tell the time (but not at the same time)

As a drummer and watch geek, I just had to get this cool Metronome watch from Seiko. It’s only small (36mm by 10mm thin), but the way the hands dance when they transition from time to metronome mode i...

WatchYourIntruder ·

Another Seiko diver - SLA043 and a hunt for a navy rubber strap

A favourite diver of mine is the Seiko 62MAS in it’s different iterations. I have not, as @SurferJohn , dared to get an original from the 60s (yet) but the SPB143 is a great substitute with it’s gray...

lmchew ·

Kismet Inspires First Luxury Purchase

So I’ve been saving for a while. I thought I was going to get a 556i, then an Aquis, then an Anordain, then an Omega. And finally I had saved to the point where I was debating either the new Seamaster...


The perfect daily watch?

After exactly one month of waiting, it finally got shipped and arrived today. I wanted an Oris with the in-House caliber 400 for quite some time now. the ProPilot X really wasn’t my beer, and the Aqui...

righthandwatches ·

NWA #1: My Watch of the Year 2022 🍾

Hi,there :P After months of hunting for a good deal on this big boy i finally got it at my small local AD today. Took it out for a walk in the autumn forest of the wild life habitation right around th...

uhrensohn ·

Alibaba and the 40 customizations (or not)

One day I was browsing on AliBaba (instead of AliExpress) and saw this watch - that was customizable. Cool, I thought, do it, I thought. Due to some weirdo nonsense on AliBaba that order would not go...