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🥳You win a raffle 🎟️ and get to choose one of these in (((ANY Model!!))) What shall it be?! 😅 👉⏱️⏱️⏱️?

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When a watch house with lots of heritage and their on technology for making thin movements stops being creative and loses all moral ground. I’m assumi...

Antiplano Ultimate vs MAD 1

The other day i was treated to such a feast at my local Piaget store. This sales rep saw me wearing my MAD 1 and "flirted" with me with the words "boy...

Piaget Polo S

A love it or hate it watch. I personally love it

Piaget 908 in white gold, roman numerals

I picked up this charming dress watch a few months ago for rather a bargain, just a tad over what you'd pay for an automatic Tissot PRX, white gold, 9...

[Update] Newly serviced and finalized strap choice

Realized I didn't give an update on the strap I chose for my 33mm vintage Enicar. I tried a cheap $17 one from Amazon but the look wasn't it at all an...

Buddy's watch, quick gasket and battery change.

Got to take a picture of a buddy's watch she brought in for a gasket and battery swap. Beautiful movement even though behind a gold caseback and a qua...

Tulsa King - Piaget Polo

Silvester Stallone stars in Tulsa King as a mafia gangster just released from prison. In the opening episode, all he’s now got left to his name is his...

Elegant & Beautiful New Timepieces from Piaget

New video! This time we introduce a beautiful & elegant new Timepieces from Piaget ✨ We hope you enjoy watching it and welcome your comments!

Favourite watch brand tournament - 7° round