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New JLC AD opened up near my place

Had to try on these (first time in my life trying on a JLC) 😍😍😍😍😍 Like a child in a candy shop!

Best affordable GMT watch?

So I realised that I do not have a GMT watch in my collection, and since I work a lot with my London office while sitting in India β€” a GMT watch actually would be handy (just giving any reason to buy...
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Need Strap opinions for this watch

I have this light blue sunray dial HMT Kohinoor and it has come with a very jangly and terrible bracelet. So I am a bit confused as to what colour / t...

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commented on jeff89126's WRUW Β·

Superb dial. I tried it on yesterday. I liked the green and gold. Wish they also used gold indices on the red as well.

commented on New JLC AD opened up near my place Β·

Yeah and it is quite thin despite all the complications. Truly a masterpiece. I tried on several pieces but was a bit mindful of taking too many photos. Had to act all professional πŸ˜‚

commented on What kind of watch buyer are you? Β·

E - Buy whichever is cheapest option and with least risk.

commented on What's the best lume you ever seen in a watch? Β·

Superluminova πŸ”₯

commented on 6 watch collection or one watch collection with a 3000 EUR budget? Β·

Meanwhile me with a sub-$150-per-watch 25 watch collection.

commented on chronotrail's WRUW Β·

Very clean mod job , bravo πŸ‘

commented on Best affordable GMT watch? Β·

And I translated Aviera (detected language as Malagasy, native tongue of Madagascar). It translates to β€œcome on”. So Nezumi Aviera = Come On Mouse πŸ€”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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A tale of two Indian watch brands: one old and one new

Argos Apollo III: This is my second Argos watch, the first being the Argos Apollo II mechanical handwind. Argos is an Indian Microbrand started by two...

SOTC 2024

So finally putting out my collection. I know it is a bit heavy on casios but trying to bring in some variety and pare down the collection. Happy to he...

Is this too small on my wrist?

Personally I feel it's a bit small but does it look small enough that it may look like I am wearing my wife's watch πŸ˜…
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Traveling to Europe

I will be traveling to Europe in March (across Paris-Brussels-Barcelona). I know that there’s a Baltic showroom that I can check out in Paris, and it’...

Watches I tried on in Nov/Dec

During my travels in the past month