Pawn Shop Movado

I wasn't planning on buying a watch but wandered into a pawn shop to browse. They had a ton of watches...mostly junk. But this Movado Heritage caught...
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Watch for my Girlfriend鈥檚 Bday

What would you get your girlfriend/wife (if you don鈥檛 have one then pretend you do馃槀) out of these options? Comment yours below if you have a better minimalist gold watch with a black face. The blurry...
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Descriptive Brand Names

It always tickles my ear when I hear certain brand names because they either have meaning regarding time keeping or are puns on the subject. There are very few of them, often these cute names are rese...
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Do you like watches without hour markers?

Earlier I read an article about Boldr's new Safari Vogelkop Superb. Its design is inspired by the Vogelkop Superb Bird-of-Paradise.
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My watch collection so far

From left to right Movado Luna 0606378 Tissot Heritage Visodate T1184101105700 Casio CA53-1 Data Bank Casio A168W-1 Smith & Wesson SWW-1464-BK
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Movado Reissues Classic Super Sub Sea...worth $4k?????

OK - HODINKEE just released an article about the reissue of Movado's iconic Super Sub Sea chronograph... Here's the link:
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What do you guys think of Movado?

New to the site, but I鈥檓 really hooked on reading everyone鈥檚 opinion. I鈥檓 also new to the watch world with a couple of Seikos (SNK807 is my favorite)...
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New Strap

The watch I鈥檝e had longest. Graduation present received in 1995. Thought a new strap would perk it up , but picking straps is very challenging for me....
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Movado, A serious watch brand or a fashion watch?

I bought my Movado few years back when I knew nothing about horology, and nor the existence of mechanical movement. I simply liked the look of it, to...
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My first watch..and first fleecing 16 years ago. What watch did you spend way too much on before you knew better?

I'll always have a special place in my heart for this watch, it got me into the hobby, and I still wear it once or twice a year in the black lizard st...
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