Edox SkyDiver today.
Closing out the work week with the Edox Delfin Open Heart.

My Edox continues to serve its sentence in the drawer of doom

My Edox had been giving me horrible accuracy issues. It would run about three hours slow a day. I tried everything I could and made many discoveries....

My drawer of doom

This is the graveyard. This is the final destination. There is no afterlife for watches, just cold, dark pressed wood and pine surroundings. I occasio...

Help me picking my summer watch

I am looking for a summer watch and specifically in light blue colour. Please also consider price/value since these are different categories. If you have any other suggestions let me know please :) Se...
108 votes ·
Wearing an Edox Grand Ocean while walking around today.

What is "WatchMath?"

this is example of a phenomenon I am now coining WatchMath (From my recent NWA) What is "WatchMath?" I'm sure we have all seen the latest trend on the...
Starting the week off with my bronze Edox Sky Diver Military with ceramic bezel.