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So the new Casioak Bluetooth arrived

But the Casio app doesn鈥檛 seem to have been updated to work with this model. Or am I doing something wrong? Grateful for any help from the WatchCrunch...
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G-Shock GMWB5000TVA

Was bored at work today and decided to take a closer look and scrutinize the G-Shock TVA... under a microscope 馃槀 Looks clean to me. Cleaner than my Su...
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Worst Watch in a Movie?

We have all seen posts, blogs, and forums discussing the best watches in movies, but I was watching Project Powers on Netflix and saw this monstrosity...
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New mod for the g shock square

Picked up this mod for my gshock square had to ship the rest to my in-laws in Florida to save on shipping. Saved $60. Anyone else having shipping chal...
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The Coolest watch for 拢100

Might be a bit of a hot take but I think the casioak is by far the coolest watch you can get for 100 pounds it's durable! Good looking and I've found...
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gshock and mountain biking a excellent combination

Took my trusting (and rather dusty.) gshock out for a nice mid weed mountain bike ride... all in all a good time... this gshock is no watchbox queen h...
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Casio Hype Watch!?

The CASIOAKs have been gettin a lot more wrist time than usual...and I'm not mad about it! I'll probably never have a rainbow Daytona...but I have a r...
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My First GShock Square & Titanium Watch

This thing is too cool! This is my second GSHOCK, my first square, and my first titanium watch. I love my other watches are great (GS and Omega), but...
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How you charge your solar watches?

I put mine in a clear glass of water to prevent overheating, and put them in direct sunlight
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My 4 watch rotation

I am currently running this 4 watch rotation and I am loving each watch for it's purpose I use my "casioak" for work as I work in a kitchen and the th...
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