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divefroggy ·

So.. I got my boy G-Shocks

Here's how the story goes. One day, he (16) told me he wanted to get a G-Shock after I showed him my GA-2100 Casioak. He liked it very much and wanted...
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mongutie ·

G-SHOCK GW-M5610 ✊⌚

My daily work watch 🤜🤛
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mjosamannen ·

This is the The End ⛔

Here is my Collection: Seiko Marine Master 300m, SBBN035 aka "The Ninja Tuna". Wonderful over engineered toolwatch and a stunning double domes crystal...
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Trophyhusband ·

Old g shock is dead

Wore the name off this working back in the day. It does not work.
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Outlaw_203 ·

My companion for state active duty

Finally getting some downtime during this hurricane mission; going on 8 days now, no end in sight.
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mskmagican ·

First impressions of the Orient Ray II

Got this bad boy yesterday but I only got to play with it this morning. My first thoughts were how great looking the watch is for the price and I can...
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mskmagican ·

Watch boxes

So I threw out a few watch boxes this morning. I made sure that the boxes I tossed were from watches I had no intention of getting rid of. What’s ever...
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willspade ·


G-Shock JDM on a Tuesday at the office.
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Catskinner ·

A day with the Scratch & Smudge magnet

The GM-S5600-1 is a work of contradiction. Casio managed to downsize a DW-5600, clad it in metal, make it dressy, and it even fixed the annoying reces...
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IamAliCas ·

The best inexpensive watch of all time

Forgive me for not being so familiar with GShock reference numbers. For me the Solar #casio gshock square is the best inexpensive watch of all time. I...
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