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Latest pick up Tudor Black Bay Pro 馃槑
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Are Tudor fold-over clasps better than Rolex?

Beyond the wearing comfort (I guess that has to go to Rolex) I feel like the ceramic bearings on a Tudor make the clasp much smoother to operate, also...
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Grand seiko vs. Tudor

Which one gets your vote?
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Tudor GMT

This watch is just gorgeous classy and fun.
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The "Golden" Child

Went to the Tudor boutique over the weekend to mess around and see if there was anything special hiding in the back. They didn't have anything I hadn'...
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Torn between two watches

I've been scouring the web as you do and thinking about my next purchase. I wanted something significant and not blow my money on a couple of micro br...
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The Itch needs a scratch!

I promised myself, that I would take a break from watch buying. I've recently been on holiday and need to recoup some of the money spent. But they kee...
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What are you eyeing next?

(Picture from Horbiter) After experiencing a titanium watch, I've kind of been obsessed with the Pelagos recently. Though I was quite set on getting t...
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How鈥檚 your journey like so far?

Featured here are my staples, a daily and a diver. The sentiments at the time when I acquired both is suffice to say that these two would see me to th...
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My GMT slot is empty - Do you have any suggestions?

锘緾ould you help out and suggest a GMT? I like the idea of multiple time zones displayed on the watch. I can鈥檛 say I need one, but it鈥檚 sort of cool. I...
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