Max ·

Best watch at every price point $500-$5000

It's getting to the end of the year and I'm taking stock of the watches I've reviewed and putting together a holiday guide. The rules are, these have...
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robstacam ·


Alright... I've been wanting to do a state of the collection post for a long time, and after picking up my most recent purchase in Geneva on my honeym...
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Jn30642 ·

Do you folks think Tudor is going to add T-Fit clasps on to their BB58 line anytime soon?

Id buy one in a heartbeat if so.
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Wimzard ·

Advice Needed for an Over-thinking Fool

A couple of years ago, I decided to submit my watch collection for some much-needed reduction. I wanted to get a nice 3-4 slot watch roll and fill it with pieces that I LOVED which was an idea far rem...
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harrisc852 ·

Updated: Power reserve indicators, yay or nay?

Here are my 4 watches with a power reserve indicator on the dial. I think they look pretty neat and do serve a purpose, but purists would prefer it on...
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Cdfaltz ·

Still takes me forever to change a strap. Can you help make it easier?

Good thing I’m not a surgeon because changing even the most basic of straps takes me forever….. any tips? Tricks? no way I can do a bracelet with out...
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Jklotz ·

BB58 too small for 7.5" wrist?

I'm considering a BB58. (why is it a BB58? Shouldn't it be a BB 39?) I tried it on and think I could swing it, maybe a tad small. What say you? Is the...
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Black Bay Pro

I turned 40 this year and this was my v late birthday gift to myself. Absolutely love it.
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playboyheafner ·

$3-4K Christopher Ward Coming Soon

According to Andrew‘s last video CWard is coming out with a watch that rivals an MB&F in terms of value or being able to tell which is worth tens of thousands of dollars. He said it’ll be in the price...
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Jn30642 ·

Debating between the Longines Spirit 37mm and Tudor Ranger for next piece

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