Which one would you choose?

I got offered the Tudor Black Bay Harrods (the left one for those who don’t know) for a very competitive price. The blue BB58 is already mine. But I can only keep one for financial reasons. I could: -...
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Chronos14 ·

Ranger the lone one in the shop too …

Well it was love at first sight. Not boring, feels solid , feels and looks like a million bucks ! I will definitely be selling a couple of watches to...
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jroobz ·

Tudor BB58 bezel insert misalignment - sharing experience

In September 2022, I bought a BB58 as my first luxury watch from a Tudor AD in Westfield, London UK. Everything about the watch is perfect, but the re...
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DanishIsh ·

Einstein’s Definition of Insanity

Einstein’s Definition of Insanity. TL;DR. You got the gold, so you make the rules. Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different r...
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Universal_Lee ·

My most worn. What’s yours?

Without doubt my most worn watches recently are these two… The Omega Seamaster GMT (aka Old Faithful) on a vintage Milanese bracelet. The Tudor Pelago...
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Spartyfan6262 ·

Should my next watch be the Tudor Black Bay Pro, or Grand Seiko SBGN027?

Hi Guys - Next month I will be picking my next watch out, and I'm deciding between the BB Pro and the Grand Seiko SBGN027. The GS is about $3300 (new)...
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MarkD67 ·

How Many is Too Many?

I've always been fascinated by watches, but have only been a serious collector for about the last 4/5 years. My collection now stands at 11 pieces, al...
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MiniRockJnr ·

Uncle Seiko Tudor Half link

Thought id try the uncle seiko half link 1) for a better fit 2) to stop rubbing on the gold link.
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neomatik ·

Price hikes so far in 2023

Today I've noticed that Nomos increased the prices of most of its watches by 200 EUR. A few days ago I read that Tudor increased prices with 9% on ave...
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kernit ·

Night mode on!

You’re out camping with the family and you have to have a trusted watch in the middle of the night. Could be feeding the kids, heating up a bottle or just getting a break. What is your go to in this s...
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