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So what happens to Carl F. Bucherer now?

Does anyone know if Carl F. Bucherer the watch brand is also part of the Rolex acquisition of Bucherer? I haven't seen that discussed anywhere, and it...

Carl F Bucherer have some gems in their collection

This is the Carl F Bucherer Manero Flyback 43., a gorgeous watch, when I saw the photos online I thought its one of nicest looking chrono's I've seen....

Is Carl F Bucherer still independent??

With Rolex buying Burcherer is the brand Carl F Burcherer still independent?

Carl F Bucherer heritage bicompax. Does anyone own this watch?

Hi I am looking at this piece however I have a 6.5 inch wrist and wondering if this is too big and too thick ?

1960s Bucherer Chronograph Restoration

One of my early attempts at restoration work, houses a Landeron 248 movement.

John Wick wearing his watch face inwards??

I recently came across an article that explains why people who have experience shooting weapons wear their watches on the inside wrist. The reason is...

Yay or nay

Sooo CF Bucherer makes an anniversary piece . Just beautiful. Solid gold all around, 39mm. The only problem - Selitta.
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The Travel tech GMT... thoughts?

what do you guys think about the travel tech GMT?

John Wick's Watch

This caught my eye while watching the trailer for John Wick 4. Is it still the Carls F Bucherer Manero AutoDate? I know that's what he wore in previou...

Tissot are killing it... just picked up the new Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 Bucherer Limited Edition

Tissot are killing it... They just released a new blue dial version in collaboration with Bucherer... so I had to pick it up!