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What do you think about SEVENFRIDAY?

My friend says they're ugly and not worth the price. Wondering what the wonderful people of WC think about it.

Tag Connect & SevenFriday

Hello Watch Friends A few years ago when the Tag Heuer Connect (Pictured here with my SevenFriday) first came out I bought one 拢1250, it was ok, it wa...

My BIG boy watches 馃槺鈱

These guys are too big and could scratch my normal/traditional size watches, so they get their own box 馃槑鈱

My Collection so far.

Very new to this so still learning. Three of these were hand me downs from my dad (Apart from the Seiko SRPD63). Hoping to grow my collection to pass...

(Saturday Discussion) Why Everyone Hated Seven Friday

Good morning fellow watch enthusiast did you know Seven Friday? Back then when i am still study at college (dont give a sht about watch) there was a p...