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TheTownWatch ·

SEIKO Black Series | I'm ONLY Keeping ONE! | Which Watch Did I Choose? | Monster? Samurai? Tuna?

I've done a full review of each Seiko Black Series watch that was released last year in 2021 and now I'm picking only one to remain in my collection!...
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watstoki ·

Watch Art ~ Seiko H558 Arnie

A digital art tribute to two 80’s Icons. The stars of Commando, Raw Deal, Predator and The Running Man.
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gshock_modz ·

Backup watches…

Does anyone else bring extra watches to the office/shop to swap with throughout the day? Depending on how my days going to go, dirty, meetings, etc….
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gshock_modz ·

Early lunch Seiko swap.

Seiko Speedtimer
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Gasworks ·

What to do? An update.

A little while back I asked what I should do about the watch above. It needed a fair bit of attention but, after much work and some swearing from your...
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Ace1130 ·

seiko astron

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Candide3693 ·

Watches In Your Collection That Look More Expensive Than They Actually Are

Here is my Orient Sun and Moon Version 1. This watch always gets noticed when I wear it, and people seem to think it is much more expensive than it ac...
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Candide3693 ·

What Is Your Favorite Watch Strap Company?

For me, it is definitely Barton Watch Bands. I am currently wearing my Orient Defender on a canvas strap from Barton. I have looked at straps from a l...
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mjosamannen ·

Are bracelets dressy?

I was dressing up for our national celebration today and slipped on my Baby Alpinist with a brushed and polished president bracelet. I felt it was too...
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11SWM11 ·

Looking for a Seiko for the future...

Watchcrunch fam, I need some advice. I'm looking to purchase a Seiko (I have a Seiko 5 that was given to me), and I'm wondering what I should get. I'm...
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