Why do dress watches traditionally have leather straps?

Always wondered why dress watches have leather straps. I’m still gonna do that I think is good, but just wondering why traditionally dress watches hav...
Good morning watchcrunch fam! Last day of my Seiko week and I am wearing the last watch I purchased in 2023! The Seiko Presage Cocktail Time Blue Moon...

What is your favorite looking watch dial from your collection? Mine is the 30th anniversary limited edition Seiko SPLO55P1. It's 40mm, I love the details. How about you?

Almost sold this one about 3 times but can never pull the trigger
Islander Seafoam

Crowns at 4-5 O'Clock?

Any other examples of watches with crowns between 3 and 6? Crowns at 3 always dig into my hand when I lift myself up, so this is appealing. EDIT: I sh...
Hell yeah. Such a strength! (of the watch, not mine. I just posed my wrist for the picture to see if I can impres someone).

Sunday confession

Hello fellow crunchers. I have a confession: I double wrist - forgive me of my sins. Are there any other sinners out there?
Seiko Presage in my collection