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ten_and_two ·

Which one would you choose?

Planning a 40th birthday present to myself later this year. I’m on the dreaded list for the Rolex Explorer. If I don’t get the call by November I’ll likely choose one of the other options (although a...
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Aurelian ·

Censor For A Day!

We all know that WatchCrunch is meant for civil watch nerd discussions. If you have been around a minute you also know that you can also mute certain folks if you find them upsetting or annoying (it i...
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Which one would you choose?

I got offered the Tudor Black Bay Harrods (the left one for those who don’t know) for a very competitive price. The blue BB58 is already mine. But I can only keep one for financial reasons. I could: -...
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Jtoddy ·

Would you rather buy one really nice watch or have a few less expensive watches?

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Bootneck ·

A rock and a hard place

so I usually buy a watch linked to a memory or achievement. I look at the watches I own and am reminded of that moment or person or achievement that is linked to that watch. I very recently had one of...
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kernit ·

Watches in Wonderland; Do you sleep with it on or off?

Some watches sleep better on our wrists than others. For sure, all my Rolexes get the scream from the family at night as it scratches them. I just wanna tell the time especially with a new born. Apple...
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Watchme1 ·

When you are buying a watch does the movement matter?

Some people buy watches solely based on the look of the piece, and others care deeply about the movement it contains. Where do you stand? Be honest! 😂
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thisjeffmartin ·

One spot... for a diver?

Hi. I've bought and sold a few watches in the last couple months, and am pretty happy with where the collection sits, but there seems to be a diver void. Currently: Hamilton Khaki Field Omega Moonswat...
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GasWorks ·

Project Build a Camel Bonus Round - The Committee Strikes...

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... I'm just putting together the disparate parts of the WC Project Watch and it's clear there has been a decision that I think needs a review....
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