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Do you sport with a mechanical watch? Please comment what sport you usually do weather you wear your watch or not.

Running. Swimming. Hiking. Tennis. Padel. Football….
25 votes ·

It is better to buy a vintage watch then a brand new one?

46 votes ·

Which one is your favorite affordable German watch brand?

I have a preference for German timepieces due to their exceptional quality (oustanding QC/QA) and cost-effectiveness (More bang for my bucks). In my opinion, several German brands are deserving of gre...
57 votes ·

Green Subs!

Which green sub is your favorite! Hard to not like the original for me, personally!
41 votes ·

Which watch to buy first?

I want to own both of these at some point, but struggling to choose which one first. Already own a 41 mm Omega Aqua Terra and Sinn 556i. For dress I have a Junghans Max Bill. I’m in wealth management...
72 votes ·

Which one?

I’d like an everyday watch with a neutral colored dial (white, champagne, light grays)
75 votes ·

What country are most of the watches in your collection from?

390 votes ·

Battle of WW2 Navigator watches

272 votes ·