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Luca_WTC ·

Are 36 millimeter too small for a watch?

I am interest to understand better the watch size trends, comment down below your favourite watch size and leave a wrist-shot if you like it.
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WatchN ·

Cartier vs Panerai

Ok so I’m preparing my next purchase. I’ve been looking for a smart-ish watch that can be worn to the office and also with casual jeans tops joggers etc. budget of around £6k I’ve managed to narrow do...
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Wimzard ·

Advice Needed for an Over-thinking Fool

A couple of years ago, I decided to submit my watch collection for some much-needed reduction. I wanted to get a nice 3-4 slot watch roll and fill it with pieces that I LOVED which was an idea far rem...
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Robinwatch ·

It's hard to choose...

I have some money to spend (on watches of course). I hesitate between this two watche : a 1963 seagull 38mm (saphir) for 200€ on grey market or a aliexpress watch in bronze which I realy want to. this...
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MMerc5 ·

CWoW Budget edition

Happy Wednesday all! The last Cool Wall post was a million-dollar monstrosity. Today I hit you with a $12 icon. What more can be said that hasn't been said already? It's a plastic toy; it's the perfec...
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Carlos_or_Eric ·

I will never have a Apple Watch

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robwei ·

Asking the important questions ..

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Mastiff ·

Retro Divers

Without buying a genuine historic /vintage piece and breaking the bank. which of these modern vintage inspired divers would you pick?
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isoma16 ·

Which one should i / would you get?

So question is simple, my birthday is coming up, and looking for a nice watch for myself. I know these are 2 different world, point is I want a simple dressier type of watch, and since i cant really a...
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