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Corum Admirals cup, Titanium

Never liked it at first but its growing on me.

Pounding the Pavement with Porthole… #1 Stratford Westfield

Strap in folks, it’s content you didn’t ask for. So I have the MIL over, and that’s fine, she’s great. I got 30mins to f*ck about in Westfield whilst...

If you have to bundle, to get a grail; what would you settle for?

Unfortunately, 2023 still sees a world where we have to “support” or “feel inspired “. Sometimes it beats the grey dealer pricing cos you walk away with another timepiece or two. So say you have a bud...
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Lume Shot - WatchCrunch Inspired

Having been on this channel for 3 weeks now, I've been so inspired by some of our lume shots in this channel. Feeling inspired and with just my iPhone...

Can anyone refresh my memory about Corum watches?

I just received an email from Jomashop promoting the sales of watches from Corum. I can't remember clearly, but I'm pretty sure that they used to be "...

Barton Watch Brands: WatchCrunch Community Advice

I personally wanna thank @Horolawyer for the advice. I love these straps from Barton Watch Brands. They acknowledge service men & women past and p...

Corum Lume Shot

Sometimes they are totally underrated but absolutely what you need. In a world where watches simply tell the time, date and sometimes the day or month...

Corum Christmas Feels

Love this new look from Corum. Some of their new lineups aren’t as out of the box as they have been in the past. So so glad to be given an opportunity...

Daddy Duty Corum

Awesome to have a twin brother with the same passion for watches. Glad we get to share watches and try each other's collections from time to time. Thi...

Manners Maketh Man - Corum Admiral

True to its history and design this watch does fit the bill for a true gentleman’s watch. Leather strap, two tone, amazing dial with date. The butterf...