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Tomkhong ·

Casio Lake Tahoe

The IWC Top Gun Lake Tahoe is a super hot commodity, IWC boutique could not even give me an answer how long is the wait list….sounds very much like Ro...
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Mastiff ·

IWC brand strength over Rolex & Omega

Crunchers I'd thought I'd try and get your opinions on IWC as a brand and why people seem to fall on the more obvious brand offerings. I notice both o...
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harrisc852 ·

Updated: Power reserve indicators, yay or nay?

Here are my 4 watches with a power reserve indicator on the dial. I think they look pretty neat and do serve a purpose, but purists would prefer it on...
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TheHoroSexual ·

Why does Porsche Design get so little love with WIS? Is their history not well known?

I believe that my Porsche Design ChronoTimer Series 1 is such an underrated watch. In 1972 the brand presented the first watch designed for it by F.A....
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Rolexahoma ·

Blacked-out Watches. What are your favorites?

I've extolled the virtues of my all-black Cartier Santos several times here on WatchCrunch. The Applied Diamond Like Carbon (ADLC) coating changed my...
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Bobofet ·

Still lots of good stuff on Hodinkee…

The eye candy in James Stacey’s photography with this article is off the charts… National Geographic meets Road & Track. Absolutely stunning.

Photo Report: Cars & Coffee At 2,500 Meters: Ultrarare Vintage Porsches Take To The Austrian Alps
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Louis_F ·

Love my watch, haters suck

Found the YouTube channel yesterday and liked the idea of this forum. I got myself this watch as a pretty special trophy for some personal accomplishm...
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circleT ·

This is getting out of hand

Found during a recent eBay browse, this IWC dress auto re-dialed in Tiffany blue. Get out of here!
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bugaboo ·

Looking for my first watch (36mm ideally, I think maybe up to 38mm? $8000 CAD price range)

Looking for my first watch (36mm ideally, I think maybe up to 38mm? $8000 CAD price range) So I looked at a few watches and landed on the IWC 36, but...
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SeanS79 ·

(How) do you prepare for a big pickup?

So, tomorrow I get to travel over to Leeds to pickup my second big acquisition... IWC Pilot 41 Chronograph. Its come direct from the factory to the de...
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