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Bracelet bois

I absolutely love a good bracelet. These are three examples of popular styles that have on the fly adjustability. Jubilee. H Link. Beads of Rice. What...

Submersible Sunday

Doxa Sub300

Happy Friday!

Goodmorning Crunchers. Wearing my Doxa Sub 300t on this beautiful Friday (pic taken last night for lighting purposes). The weekend couldn't come fast...

Limited DOXA Sub 200 for the Kuwaiti market.

Hello everyone, here's a limited edition to celebrate 60 years of Behbehani, a retailer based in Kuwait. I'm sharing some visuals on the 60-piece limi...

Lume pic for the day

Oh how nice it would be if all my watches were lumed, Well that鈥檚 not the case. Todays pic for lume watches is, Just beautiful!

Doxa, baby, what is you doin鈥?

I love Doxa. I own some. They鈥檝e had some nice releases the last few years. Heck, that Clive Cussler Special Edition was pretty cool and fitting for t...

DOXA Sharkhunter. What's your favorite DOXA Sub color?

DOXA watches are known for their colorful dials. The DOXA Sharkhunter, which features a matte black dial, is the most restrained colorway in the Sub c...

Helping a octopus get back home

Bellingham鈥檚 Marine Life Center released their GPO (Giant Pacific Octopus) , Opal 馃悪 , back home to the wild where she was first found in the Salish Se...

What if...

Tomorrow Doxa decided they no longer were going to make watches with the orange professional dial. What color would get?

Which of my 3 grails would you pursue first?

I go back and forth on this a lot. I love the Doxa and the Grand Seiko, but the Rolex always sneaks in there too because of the significance a birth year watch has to me, and the fact it has the purpl...