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"Summer watches"

Personally I love the term "summer watch". It's my favourite time of year and if a watch helps me enjoy it even more then so be it! What's your pick f...
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watchaddictwt ·

Rectangular Watches - Will they find a place in your Collection?

The Rectangular watch has a bit of an enigmatic quality to it. In this day and age, it comes across as dressy, and as such does not evoke a sense of t...
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Max ·

Why some mid-tier brands move upmarket (and others don't)?

I've been pondering this one. I know prices are up across the board but the likes of Oris are really gunning upmarket compared to the likes of Tissot,...
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PeterKotsa ·

I am surprised not many people have heard of this..

I just posted a video on YouTube about this watch and just like me, the majority of the viewers are saying that they have never seen this model... htt...
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Realwatchclub ·

Holiday Watches!

Does anyone else care as much about what watches to take on holiday compared to what clothes? Asking for a friend.........
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roberto ·

In Praise of Hybrids, Blurred Lines, Crossed Genres, etc.

I was just watching a review of the RZE Supercompressor (video posted at bottom*) and one of the points made was that while this watch takes design an...
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IanCognito ·

Happy #ThORISday

#NewWatchAlert - This is the new Oris Pro Pilot X with their in-house Caliber 400 with 5 Days power reserve 😎👍🏼 https://www.instagram.com/reel/CdeP9GR...
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violanime ·

Latest Boutique Window Shopping Haul part 1 (Audemars Piguet, Chopard, Tourneau/Tudor/Oris/Rolex)

Stopped by a mall with a ton of luxury watch brands, going to be detailing my experience at each place and posting wrist shots Part 1: Audemars Piguet...
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pyramidscheme ·

Oris Big Dial Pointer Date Vs. Seiko SBDC115

Hello everyone! This is my first post on Watch Crunch, I am looking forward to hearing your opinions. While the Seiko is a much more affordable option...
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Oris Friday

Happy Friday 13th Everyone! Rocking the Oris Rectangular on this lovely warm weathered day in the UK…. Enjoy the weekend wherever you are on the plane...
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