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NWA: Mido Multifort Tv Big Date S01E01

Yesterday, I picked up my new Mido. 2 days ago I didn't even know that I'll buy another watch that soon, and here we are today... The watch wears real...

NWA: Fortis Novonaut First Edition

Fortis launched today the successor of the "Official Cosmonauts Chronograph", called Novonaut. I couldn't resist and had to buy one 🤩. There are thre...

Fortis Novonaut Teaser

Fortis released a first teaser of the Novonaut. The DNA of the legendary B-42 Cosmonauts-model are visible in the first pictures of the YouTube clip Y...

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commented on Fratello Favorites: The Best Watches Under €2,500 — Thor’s Picks From Tissot, SpaceOne, And Sinn ·

Well, I have a ice blue prx, but this green... love it

commented on SwissMadeGuy's WRUW ·

I really love this watch. It's a pure sport/toolwatch, and Kenissi/manufacture calibre inside

commented on SwissMadeGuy's WRUW ·

The shot was not sharp or focused to the watch. Sorry for that. Sharpening-sw wouldn't help here, just a better picture 😁. Hope for tomorrow 🤞🏻

commented on SwissMadeGuy's WRUW ·

Not really, because you can't touch the beads 😅

commented on SwissMadeGuy's WRUW ·

With a 7" wrist the watch wears very comfortable. The rubber strap helps, but also the bracelet works very well.

I expected the dial would make it difficult to read the time, but it really works better as I thought 😅

commented on Subonno's WRUW ·

Great looking pilot watch 🤩

commented on SwissMadeGuy's WRUW ·

Doesn't have the kermit the same "grain" dial? Is it full flat? I bought mine before the kermit-release... love the fresh color of the kermit-dial 🤩

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Frederique Constant x Felipao

Just saw this Frederique Constant Highlife version on Twitter... Link to FC Webpage: ht...

Bumper Movement: Alpina Startimer Pilot Heritage Manufacture

I have to comit, I didn't knew bumper movements. The rotor doesn't move fully 360°, but (in the original design) only 120°. at both ends a spring bump...

Alpina Releases a Pair of Limited Edition Startimer Pilot Heritage Manfactures Housing their Equally Charming AL-709 Bumper Movement - Worn & Wound

Straps for Tudor Pelagos

Hey guys, I need your help! The Pelagos is a great watch. But like probably all of us, I change the strap from day to day just to give the watch a new look. While I can get a lot of nice combinations...
39 votes ·

swiss watch enthusiasts

I'm from Zurich (Switzerland🇨🇭), I like swiss cheese and swiss watches. 😁 I'm fascinated by mechanical movements, the details, the precision, the eng...