tiberisnatator ·

Scratching the Explorer itch!

I’m a big fan of the Rolex Explorer’s look, but even though my first “serious” watch is a Steinhart OVM39 (which, as much as I love it, is a pretty sh...
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robwei ·

Serica, springbars and the beginning of an obsession

My life was easier before I got my Serica. It was easier because before that watch, I had never thought about springbars. I used whatever bars the wat...
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Cosmodoc ·

Fully lumed Zelos Swordfish!

very happy with this, it’s special, especially for an incredible $299!
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ottop1 ·

8-Bit Brew with My Childhood Console

Background This watch is the 8-Bit Brew, an 8-bit gaming themed version of the Brew Retrograph. I'm not quite boomer enough to have been raised within...
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PocketWatchTime ·


I just purchased my first FORMEX watch. I can’t tell you all the details… Embargo. But, I can’t tell you it’s Limited Edition, it comes in at 41 mm ca...
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AnalogExplorer ·

AE. 14 | Watches from on wrist to underwater

On this episode, Dan ( @Timely_Moments ) from the Zulu Time Podcast and I join back up for a joint 🇺🇸x🇬🇧 episode. We talk diving, the "kit husbandry"...

AE. 14 | Diving with Watches

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Trigea ·

My Black Friday bargain (a short essay)

Picked this up over the black Friday weekend from the Aragon website. Didn't intend to make a post about it but I have been floored by the quality , e...
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Ichibunz ·

I call thee…The Sun!!

So it finally arrived ladies and germs!! I’m very happy with the build quality very sturdy and some heft to it and the bracelet with the easy push mic...
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Outlaw_203 ·

My latest acquisition

What say ye, fellow watchcrunchers? I owned a navygraf in the past and enjoyed it but ended up selling it to fund another watch. I bought a superman 4...
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Deeperblue ·

New Baltic: You were right.

For those who said a non-limited Tricompax. You were right. 👍 A very pretty watch, certainly, but there are too many other tempting things for me that...
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