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Hello Micro brands

Just sending out a request to all of you micro brand owner. I鈥檝e talked to a few of you like from Nodus and Ikigia watch and think our community would...

My daily set of watches

Good day, gentlemen. I鈥檓 a newbie both here and in the world of watch collecting as well. So please do not judge my words and collection too hard. As...

Updated Nodus Average guy review.

I just watched a YouTube review on this watch. Of course, the review had many things about the watch that us average people don鈥檛 really care about bu...

What's currently on your watch shortlist?

My watch shortlist constantly changes, sometimes daily but here are my current favorites i'd like to have sooner or later! Citizen Challenge Diver: Ch...


Great sports watch, this is an all rounder, diving in the med or desk diving you can't go wrong with this bad boy.......

Bracelet bois

I absolutely love a good bracelet. These are three examples of popular styles that have on the fly adjustability. Jubilee. H Link. Beads of Rice. What...


I put in an order for a Baltic Aquascaphe. About a month ago I posted my collection and asked for feedback on what I should add. The feedback was outs...

NWA: Nodus Sector Field

Joining the Nodus family for the second time in a few short months with the Sector Field Sequoia Green. It鈥檚 new to me and came 3 days early so shout...

Seeking Some Knowledge

Happy Sunday Crunchers, I was on eBay a few weeks back and came across this vintage Nelson 鈥淪ea Admiral鈥. Since it has my name on the dial, two bulls...

Unimatic 鈥淎rctic Fox鈥 GMT

Loving the Arctic Fox.