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What's your preferred crown position?

With the recent acquisition of my Zelos Mako Frost GMT, my current #1wc watch, for the first time, I now have a watch where the crown is in a location other than 3 o'clock. Initially, I was unsure abo...
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Zelos Mako Frost GMT - The Ultimate GADA Watch - A 1 Watch Challenge (#1wc) Post

Alright everyone, strap in as I begin to explain why the Zelos Mako Frost GMT is the ultimate watch and why it should win the 1 Watch Challenge! As ma...
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First review - Zelos Mako V3 300m 鈥楬ammered Orange鈥

This is my first review. I do not claim to be an expert on anything watch related, nor to have any amazing insights. I鈥檓 just someone who bought a wat...
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When you happen to have a watch that matches the wedding colors鈥

And a strap that matches your suit. A Zelos Swordfish 40 in Sage on a Wrist Candy Watch Club gray fabric/leather strap may not be the dressiest option...
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Mako 3鈥 my first Zelos

I was looking for a new everyday and I love what Zelos were doing with the latest Mako drop so I jumped online immediate after order window opened and...
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Zelos Swordfish

My second watch, the Zelos Swordfish V2 300m. It was the summer of 2019. I had just graduated college as well as started my first 鈥渁dult鈥 job and was...
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Im annoyed / Seiko GMT - The upcoming SPB381J1

I am without a Dive watch and this category is next in my collection, I have also wanted a GMT watch for when I travel (infrequently, but ya know... w...
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Storm Trooper Watches!!

I blame @Fieldwalker for this now I鈥檓 in the hunt for Storm Trooper style watches 馃槣 鈥 so waited today, hold all my calls and meeting to get this watch...
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Ah yes

My 潭R潭o潭l潭e潭x潭 潭E潭x潭p潭l潭o潭r潭e潭r潭 潭I潭I潭 Zelos Mako GMT just arrived!
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NWA!! I shall call thee THE MoOn!!

Ok I鈥檓 a real Zelos Fan boy now too!! I鈥檒l do a full review eventually but wanted to show you guys, The Sun and The Moon!!
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