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In the Metal, Episode I

I was in Salt Lake yesterday for the wife's company Christmas party and so we took the opportunity to do a little window shopping. So many beautiful w...

New pickup arrived!! Norqain Freedom 60 GMT

First Norqain watch on wrist and it’s fantastic whilst not trying to be like anything else. Got it for a great deal and decided why not… more people n...

Norqain & Biver’s influence

As I have been digging and learning about a variety of histories (bc im a noob) and who’s who, I’ve learned that Jean Claude Biver is on the board for...

New Chronograph Dive Style Watch

I am a huge fan of dive watches and have been looking for the right chronograph diver, to match my favourite complication with my favourite watch styl...

Own Any of these 4!⏱️⏱️⏱️⏱️👀 Show them off!📸✌️😉

✨Daily Random 4✨ Nivada Grenchen Nodus Norqain perrelet

Norqain at the AD

Visited my favorite SA this morning and the only watches of interest were Norqain. Still waiting on the new Yachtmaster Ti to come in.. Anyhow, I like...

I can’t seem to get rid of my First Omega In Space.

I thought I’d do a follow up post about the Omega “First Omega In Space” I did a couple of weeks ago. The post was called “What do you do with a watch...

$20,000 to buy 3 watches. What would you buy?

What would you buy if you had $20,000 to spend on 3 watches? Pick your 3. Here are the parameters. - 3 watches no more or less. - New watches will be...

To our first born

My wife and I wanted watches to commemorate our first born son. She got a Norqain Adventure Sport and I got a CW C65 Aquitaine. Story time: When Donna...

What is this Norqain?

I read the website and something something Breitling etc but does anyone actually wear these? What are your honest thoughts?