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Paper-based magazine dedicated to microbrands - it's a go!

Alright, I'm moving forward with this idea for a physical magazine focused on microbrand watches . 馃嵒 To the 39.8% of you who say you're not interested...

Monta vs. Oak & Oscar: My Conclusion

At Windup Watch Fair, I was able to see both of the watches I had been considering: the Monta Noble and the Oak & Oscar Olmsted. (I forgot to take...

Two Premium Microbrands

I鈥檝e been looking at both the Monta Noble and the Oak & Oscar Olmsted recently, and I鈥檝e been wondering how they compare. How the bracelets differ? Does one look larger or smaller than the other o...


Love the colors. Left to right. G-shock 5040 Seiko SPB319 Tissot Gentleman 18k Casio Oceanus Manta S6000 Oak & Oscar Humboldt GMT Mr. Jones Beam M...

WindUp Chicago

Pictured here is Leo with my Oris on an Islander bracelet. Is anybody planning to go to WindUp this weekend? I am excited to check out brands I wouldn...

Special birthday gift from my wife!

For a very long time i have had my eye on what Oak & Oscar has been bringing to the market. From their Jackson mechanical chronographs to their Hu...

Buying the Company Too (Rant/Disappointment)

Okay, so I have a bit of a rant. I wrote a post similar to this last December, but I removed it the same day I posted it as the owner of the company r...

First post on the new app! What was your first introduction to microbrands?

I distinctly remember reading through Worn And Wound's article on Oak and Oscar, years ago, and ever since then I've been quietly looking for a Burnha...

Lemons of Love, Oak & Oscar Watch

Hey watchfam, just wanted to share on behalf of a friend of a friend an opportunity to purchase one of these awesome LE watches and also give back to...

NWA!! My new Oak and Oscar Humboldt GMT just arrived!!

Since WindUp NYC I鈥檝e not been able to stop thinking about this watch. The owner and employees are great, and the watch is just amazing. I鈥檒l likely d...